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Cutting It: In the ATL

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The competition among hairstylists in Atlanta is cutthroat, enough so that WE tv deemed it worthy of a reality series. "Cutting It: In the ATL" follows four charismatic, headstrong salon owners as they battle to dominate the A-Town hair game. Maja runs Walk-In Weaves, a chain of quick-service, cost-friendly salons. Her ally, Congo native Mushiya, started The Damn Salon in her kitchen and now caters to high-fashion clients by using several natural styling techniques. Beautii, a veteran in the Atlanta market, is known for making up celebrities such as Grammy winner Regina Bell, Tamika Tiny Harris of "Family Hustle" and Kandi Burruss of "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Dedra combines artistic talents with savvy, aggressive business instincts, which creates a rift in this circle of businesswomen. Dedra's weave expert, LaKenya, befriends the other salon owners as she follows her dream to open her own shop.

Latest episodes

aired 865 days ago
The ladies go head to head in the battle to be crowned; surprises shake the bosses; Maja hatches an evil plan.
aired 866 days ago
Beautti debuts her new products at the beauty show; Mushiya tries to steal the spotlight; Maja saves the day; Pat smells trouble.
aired 867 days ago
Mushiya blows up at Maja, losing her last ally; Dedra needs Maja; Dedra jumps to the other side while Pat schemes.
aired 868 days ago
Mushiya schools LaKenya in power plays; Dedra shocks the ladies with her new venture; Beautti runs into Mushiya.
aired 869 days ago
The ladies surprise Dedra at her event; Beautti throws LaKenya a sexy birthday bash; Mushiya's trash talk gets noticed.
aired 870 days ago
A throw down between Beautti and Tre' puts Maja's infomercial on the line; Dedre hustles to gain support from her frenemies.
aired 871 days ago
Maja expands her empire with a new infomercial; Maja's enemy shows up with a surprise; Stephen stuns Pat when he does Maja's dirty work.
aired 872 days ago
Mushiya works on a top-secret project; Beautti hosts a peace offering that turns ugly; Dedra works with her enemy at a fashion show.
aired 873 days ago
Maja strikes back and hits Pat where it hurts; Mushiya confronts LaKenya; Dedra lays plans to build her empire.
aired 874 days ago
Stephen throws a brunch honoring Maja and all hell breaks loose when Dedra and Pat show up to get revenge.
aired 875 days ago
Maja attends a parade thrown in her honor; Maja tests Beautii's new concept; Dedra plans a takedown with a new friend, Pat.
aired 876 days ago
Dedra blasts Maja on the radio, exposing her past; Beautii asks Maja to invest in her business; LaKenya's new choice threatens her relationship with Maja.
aired 877 days ago
Dedra discovers Maja's shocking secret and plots revenge with a new friend; Mushiya and Maja battle over their natural hair lines.
aired 1,187 days ago
Maja reunites the salon owners for a one-on-one; untold secrets, behind-the-scenes dirt and explosive never-before-seen footage.
aired 1,188 days ago
LaKenya steps out on her own; Mushiya debuts her natural hair line; drama reignites at a launch party.
aired 1,191 days ago
Maja celebrates her birthday and gets a surprise; Dedra leaves a lasting impression; Mushiya loses a bet.
aired 1,192 days ago
Maja shows LaKenya mentorship; Beautii crosses the line; Dedra makes a shocking discovery about one of the owners.
aired 1,193 days ago
The stylists come together after a clash; Mushiya convinces Beauti's client to go natural; Maja faces a difficult truth.
aired 1,194 days ago
Beautii celebrates a business anniversary; Dedra tries to make peace; Mushiya reveals Beautii's secret.
aired 1,195 days ago
Maja's "truce" dinner turns south with drama from Beautii and Dedra; tension divides the stylists.
aired 1,198 days ago
Beautii & Mushiya face off in a battle of styles at a hair show; drama blows up backstage.

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