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Galpin Motors, Inc President and COO Beau Boeckmann; custom car builder Dave Shuten and customization specialist "Mad Mike" Martin are revving up engines to save automotive history and rescue car culture from oblivion.

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Comedian Jeff Dunham sends the guys on a hunt for period-correct parts and technology to restore his eclectic and rare 1970s sports-van; Beau brings in a 1929 German economy car that's a spiritual ancestor to the Volkswagen Beetle.
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Galpin takes an unseen Ed Roth show-rod out of the trash and restores it for a grand debut at the Corvette Museum; the guys prepare for the exhibit, Beau and Dave take a trip down memory lane while riding around in the first car they rebuilt.
aired 78 days ago
The Galpin team takes past inspiration to build a super-advanced parts truck, combining old-school parts and new-school technology with giant horsepower and a custom retro paint job for added flair.
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Beau and the Galpin team take on two famous cars built by designer George Barris; they restore the candy-red tow truck from the TV series, "Sanford and Son," starring Redd Foxx; then, an iconic car of the silver screen gets a refresh.
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The Driven team restores one of the most offbeat builds ever -- the Bathtub Hot Rod; built in 1969 from bathtubs and a toilet, the team updates the parts and drops in a new engine.
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The iconic Mustang is off to the races when Team Galpin builds a '72 Mach-1 resto-mod to meet NASCAR superstar Joey Logano's need for speed; Beau makes a pit stop at SEMA to deliver a 2019 GT and gets taken for a spin in the Burn Yard.
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Dave Shuten finally gets his chance to become hot rod royalty by competing for the AMBR award at the Grand National Roadster Show; the Galpin team pulls out all the stops finishing a '32 Ford Roaster Pickup that's been in progress for two decades.
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Beau Boeckmann and the Galpin Crew resurrect a one-of-a-kind Pantera that Carroll Shelby hot-rodded for a secret project with Lee Iacocca; a celebrity client arrives to pick up his restored '68 Charger with modern muscle under the hood.
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The Galpin team takes inspiration from the past to build a super-advanced parts truck; this innovative build combines old-school parts and new-school technology with giant horsepower and a custom retro paint job for added flair.

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