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Bionic Woman

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This series is based on the adventures of Jamie Sommers, who almost dies while sky diving. She is rebuilt bionically, just like her former fiance, Steve Austin (the six million dollar man himself). Grateful for being saved, Jamie agrees to work for the government and puts her bionic skills to work on dangerous missions.

Latest episodes

aired 169 days ago
Fearing the loss of her humanity, Jaime resigns from the OSI, but the government will not let her go.
aired 176 days ago
Jaime teams with a crook to find a counterfeiter hiding in a Central American town full of gangsters and cutthroats.
aired 183 days ago
Jaime poses as a secretary to protect a Middle Eastern king from assassins during a visit to New York.
aired 190 days ago
The spirit of a comatose Native American leaves his body and tries to rescue Jaime from a deadly bomb.
aired 197 days ago
Kidnappers after Jaime seize Oscar's secretary instead, then hold her hostage to get the real thing.
aired 204 days ago
Jaime scuba dives as part of an OSI assignment, but is unaware she carries a device to attract sharks.
aired 211 days ago
Jaime meets an alien (Helen Hunt) who hitched a ride on a satellite and claims enemy agents are after her.
aired 218 days ago
While working on a project to track unidentified flying objects, Dr. Wells is abducted in a flying saucer.
aired 225 days ago
Max and Chris Williams seek the antidote to a poison given to Jaime and a Soviet diplomat.
aired 232 days ago
Jaime is trapped beneath a Southern California pyramid with an alien (Eduard Franz) predicting the destruction of Earth.
aired 239 days ago
To catch an elderly Soviet spy, OSI must reactivate an agent (Richard Erdman) made bitter by forced retirement.
aired 246 days ago
The bionic dog is kidnapped by foreign agents while Jaime lies helpless in a hospital bed.
aired 253 days ago
The son (Mitchell Laurance) of an Eastern bloc defector fouls up his own rescue when he falls in love with Jaime.
aired 260 days ago
A crooked beauty salon's shampoo and rinse contains a drug which forces Jaime to reveal OSI secrets and endanger Oscar's life.
aired 267 days ago
Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel is enlisted to help Jaime retrieve a stolen computer tape from East Germany.
aired 274 days ago
Jaime teams with a grizzled old-timer (Dan O'Herlihy) to prevent an African dictator (Raymond St. Jacques) from seizing power.
aired 281 days ago
A scientist (Andrew Prine), whose mind contains the only record of a secret code, endangers himself in rodeos.
aired 288 days ago
After launching the energy weapon into space, deranged Franklin holds Jaime, Oscar and Rudy hostage.
aired 294 days ago
A scientist's son, planning to steal an energy-ray weapon, reactivates his father's deadly female robots.
aired 301 days ago
Max runs off in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Jaime and an old flame follow him into a raging forest fire.
aired 308 days ago
Jaime discovers the existence of the world's first bionic dog and has just five days to save it from destruction.

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