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Knight Rider

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Michael Knight is a man on a mission. Reborn, so to speak, after getting shot in the face, Knight decides to dedicate his life to fighting for justice. Self-made billionaire Wilton Knight hires Michael to be the lead field agent in his Knight Foundation's public justice organization, part of which includes the developoing of KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), a superpowered, intelligent souped-up Pontiac Trans-Am. KITT can drive 300 miles an hour, is bulletproof, fireproof, can talk, and helps Michael fight injustices in the world.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Michael poses as a singer to help an old love (Catherine Hickland) solve a musician's suspicious overdose.
aired 2 days ago
The team links the lawyer's murder to a gangster smuggling gold to finance an attack.
aired 5 days ago
Michael and KITT help a reclusive agent and the widow probe a government lawyer's murder.
VOD available
Michael helps a toy maker and is targeted for death by old adversary Cameron Zachery (John Vernon).
VOD available
Michael (David Hasselhoff) and Christina (Suzanne Barnes) try to destroy Goliath and rescue Devon (Edward Mulhare), April (Rebecca Holden) and Dr. Bergstrom (Peter Mark Richman) from Garthe (David Hasselhoff in a dual role).
VOD available
At Bonnie's request, Michael goes under cover as a scientist to investigate the death of one of her former college professors.
VOD available
Michael investigates when a truckload of laser guns and other confiscated weapons disappear from a police warehouse.
VOD available
Michael enters KITT in a grand prix race to nail someone intimidating a newspaper editor (Wendy Schaal).
VOD available
Michael's investigation of a toxic-waste dump nearly leads to KITT's destruction; guest Heather McNair.
VOD available
Michael's mission to protect a new, volatile substance goes awry when a motorized battering ram wrecks KITT.
VOD available
Michael investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the kidnapping of a scientist's daughter.
VOD available
A voodoo princess and her henchmen will stop at nothing to possess an ancient crown being held at a private vault company.
VOD available
Ninja warriors kidnap an industrialist's (Ken Swofford) adopted son, thinking him a descendant of their leader.
VOD available
Michael poses as a stuntman in an effort to catch the deadly saboteur who is terrorizing a movie set.
VOD available
Michael faces a firing squad when he attempts to rescue a Foundation contact arrested in a military coup.
VOD available
While investigating a mysterious fire in a beautiful park, Michael uncovers a $10 million drug trafficking operation.
VOD available
Michael enters an off-road race to catch a mobster planning an illegal border crossing; guest Henry Darrow.
VOD available
A deaf sportswriter is murdered after calling Devon with his concerns over the welfare of a contender in an upcoming prizefight.
VOD available
Michael and KITT chase an elusive magician (Lance Burton) who may be after Devon; guest Hurd Hatfield.
VOD available
A Foundation supporter's illegal logging is exposed when he asks Devon's help.
aired 76 days ago
An electronics genius seeking recognition for his work at the Foundation reprograms KITT.

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