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The Six Million Dollar Man

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Steve Austin is an astronaut who is seriously injured when his spaceship crashes. Handsome and athletic, Austin undergoes a government-sanctioned surgery, which rebuilds several of Steve's body parts with machine parts, making him cyborglike. When Steve recovers, his machine parts enable him to have superhuman strength and speed, as well as other powers. With these powers, Steve goes to work for the Office of Scientific Information, battling evil for the good of mankind.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
A beautiful young woman from a Pacific island inhabited by descendants of beings from another planet seeks Steve's help in saving her people from extinction.
aired 2 days ago
Steve Austin, searching for a satellite downed somewhere in the Pacific, rescues a young woman from drowning and from two men who are trying to capture her.
aired 3 days ago
International criminals kidnap Steve's creator, Dr. Wells, to force him to make another bionic man.
aired 4 days ago
Steve runs into unexpected trouble when he tries to help a woman astronaut (Farrah Fawcett-Majors); guest Jules Bergman.
aired 5 days ago
After the attempted murder of a government prosecutor, witness Steve discovers the sniper he saw has an airtight alibi.
aired 6 days ago
Steve rushes to an island space-installation to rescue his friends from a self-destruct weapon triggered by an earthquake.
aired 7 days ago
Steve must repair a damaged plane to escape from an African country with proof of U.N.-treaty violations; guest Greg Morris.
aired 9 days ago
Steve can't seem to stop the Venus probe as it cuts a swath of devastation on its way to a large city.
aired 9 days ago
The murderous Venus probe returns to wreak havoc on a city; guests Ken Swofford, Than Wyenn.
aired 10 days ago
Assigned to keep a secret missile-guidance system out of foreign hands, Steve must confront a robot constructed to kill.
aired 11 days ago
Steve and a clairvoyant girl search for a missing scientist in the Everglades; guest Pamela Franklin.
aired 12 days ago
Plane-crash survivors Steve and Oscar still face a threat from a group attempting to sabotage international negotiations.
aired 13 days ago
After a town's population dies, a former government scientist demands $10 million or he will destroy another community.
aired 14 days ago
The ransom in gold for the kidnapped statesman is stolen en route; guest Elizabeth Ashley.
aired 16 days ago
At the end of an orbital test flight, Steve discovers he has moved six years into the future and is accused of treason.
aired 16 days ago
Steve wing-walks to win the confidence of a Soviet defector (Eric Braeden) flying a circus stunt plane.
aired 17 days ago
Steve snatches a U.S. ambassador from a kidnap ring, but a statesman is then taken; guest Leif Erickson.
aired 18 days ago
Steve locates the black marketeers' stockpile of nuclear missiles; guests Britt Eklund, David McCallum.
aired 19 days ago
Steve probes a ring peddling nuclear missiles on the black market; guests Britt Eklund, David McCallum.
aired 20 days ago
To help Steve adjust mentally, Wells proposes a mission in the Middle East.
aired 21 days ago
Rudy Wells recalls his first meeting with Steve, and the accident that led to his bionic implants.

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