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Charlie's Angels

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The show that ushered in the phrase "jiggle TV" features three beautiful police academy-trained private detectives whose cases always seem to require that they don bikinis, evening gowns or other sexy clothing. The unseen Charlie relays instructions via speakerphone.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
A disco owner concocts an alibi after a man he argued with becomes the latest victim in a string of murders of poor, older men.
aired 3 days ago
The Angels are forced to go into hiding when three look-alikes stage a fake security check and rob a sports arena's offices.
aired 4 days ago
A visit to Kris' aunt and uncle in a small Arizona town leads to a blackmail scheme and syndicate strong-man.
aired 5 days ago
A bettor pays with his life for recognizing that a different horse has been switched for a losing filly.
aired 6 days ago
An informer tips Charlie that a paid assassin is stalking one of the Angels but is murdered before he is able to say which one.
aired 7 days ago
Having endured several attempts on her life, an actress hires the Angels to find the would-be killer.
aired 7 days ago
Kelly poses as an unwed mother to locate a girl planning to sell her unborn child to the black market.
aired 7 days ago
Kelly takes the place of a radio newswoman (Linda Dano) threatened with death if she stays on the air.
aired 9 days ago
Kris strikes her head and suffers amnesia after witnessing the robbery and murder of a restaurant owner.
aired 10 days ago
The Angels turn baby-sitters when a former client's 11-year-old niece claims to have witnessed a murder.
aired 11 days ago
Kelly poses as a cruise-ship activity director as part of a plan to flush out an operation smuggling felons out of the country.
aired 12 days ago
The Angels pose as football cheerleaders to find out who is sending the girls threatening, moralistic messages.
aired 13 days ago
Sabrina poses as a clairvoyant to capture a charlatan psychic the Angels believe is swindling Bosley's friend out of her money.
aired 14 days ago
The Angels infiltrate a phony UFO club suspected of doing away with wealthy members after taking their money.
aired 14 days ago
Sabrina becomes involved with the possible hijacker of an airplane two years earlier.
aired 14 days ago
The Angels go under cover in a circus to find out who is causing a series of mysterious and nearly fatal accidents.
aired 16 days ago
The Angels hunt for the source of hate mail and a sniper's bullet, both directed at a golfer determined to play in a tournament.
aired 17 days ago
An actress's electrocution death at a spa is followed by the vanishing of both her memoirs and the last person to see her alive.
aired 18 days ago
The Angels find murder while searching for a stunt flier who may be the illegitimate son of a dying tycoon.
aired 19 days ago
Jill gets a fake telegram from Kris sent to flush out her friend, a race-car designer.
aired 20 days ago
Working under cover, the Angels continue their investigation of suspicious occurrences at a Las Vegas casino.

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