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Charlie's Angels

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The show that ushered in the phrase "jiggle TV" features three beautiful police academy-trained private detectives whose cases always seem to require that they don bikinis, evening gowns or other sexy clothing. The unseen Charlie relays instructions via speakerphone.

Latest episodes

aired today
The Angels find themselves in a race against political assassins when the motive for the kidnappings is revealed.
aired 1 day ago
The Angels are called in when a pair of ice-show performers disappears less than one week before opening night.
aired 3 days ago
The Angels witness a broad-daylight kidnapping while roller-skating on the Venice boardwalk.
aired 3 days ago
A crown prince concealing his true identity from assassins encounters former Angel Jill and they experience a mutual attraction.
aired 3 days ago
The Angels uncover a psychological crisis when they investigate the beating of a music-school owner's daughter by a local pimp.
aired 4 days ago
Another hood snatches Charlie from the original kidnapper, complicating the Angels' efforts to rescue him.
aired 5 days ago
A woman kidnaps Charlie and threatens to kill him if the Angels don't get her husband out of jail.
aired 6 days ago
Jill and Bosley go to work at a massage parlor whose owner died in a shootout with a veteran vice officer.
aired 8 days ago
A recently widowed, ex-film star (Ida Lupino) attempting a comeback suffers traumatic incidents that parallel her early movies.
aired 10 days ago
Kris goes under cover in prison to probe a robbery committed by an inmate while on a work-release furlough.
aired 10 days ago
An opera singer hires the Angels to protect a blue diamond she is to wear on stage from an elegant jewel thief (Timothy Dalton).
aired 10 days ago
The Angels are hired to find the culprit behind three nearly fatal mishaps suffered by a bridegroom-to-be.
aired 11 days ago
Sabrina goes under cover in a sleazy dance school to trap a blackmailer who took $10,000 from a customer.
aired 12 days ago
An attacker disguised in a surgical mask and gown violently assaults and almost rapes two hospital nurses; guest Jack Bannon.
aired 13 days ago
The Angels travel to Las Vegas to learn why an advertising executive's wife is stealing from her husband.
aired 14 days ago
The owner of a movie film-lab hires the Angels to discover who is trying to burn him out of business.
aired 15 days ago
Sabrina suspects more than a bad memory when a new friend (Theodore Bikel), a Polish political writer, seems not to know her.
aired 17 days ago
A drug addict (Cameron Mitchell) Kelly helped imprison returns and secretly causes her to ingest heroin.
aired 17 days ago
The head (Joanne Linville) of an all-woman trucking company is threatened with bankruptcy by the theft of a $500,000 shipment.
aired 17 days ago
Kris finds herself falling in love with the handsome thief she and the Angels are pursuing aboard a cruise liner.
aired 18 days ago
The Los Angeles Police Department hires the Angels to sour the luck of a compulsive gambler playing with $40,000 in stolen cash.

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