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Global explorer/wildlife biologist Niall McCann tracks down the largest, fiercest animals in the world to learn more about their behavior and habitat. His conservation research takes him to the swamps of Venezuela to catch giant anacondas, into the jungles of Nepal to follow fearsome predators like the royal Bengal tiger, and to Australia's Northern Territory to wrestle with deadly saltwater crocodiles. McCann also studies human encounters with abnormally big or dangerous animals in the places he visits.

Latest episodes

aired 333 days ago
Niall is on Australia's Mary River where he plans to find the world's largest reptile-saltwater crocodiles- to take measurements and release back into the wild.
aired 333 days ago
Niall travels through Louisiana swamps to pursue stories of monster hogs, but also to discover just how big the feral pig problem really is.
aired 335 days ago
Niall investigates gorillas in Uganda and joins a medical expedition to save them.
aired 335 days ago
Niall pursues legends of man-eating tigers in Nepal; he works with locals to find a big cat responsible for killing their livestock and discovers the truth behind the legends of giant man-eaters.
aired 335 days ago
Niall heads to Louisiana for not one, not two, but three investigations; the alligator gar fish, a bull shark and an alligator snapping turtle, and figures out real quick just how dangerous to everyone these animals are.
aired 335 days ago
Some of the world's most venomous animals are found in Gran Sabana, Venezuala.
aired 335 days ago
Niall joins python hunters in Florida to find some escaped snakes.
aired 382 days ago
Niall travels to Venezuela to capture and measure the largest anacondas in the Amazon; he hears stories from locals about true giant snakes that have killed and eaten people; Niall encounters the biggest snake he's ever tackled.
aired 388 days ago
Giant elephants twice as heavy as most Asian elephants are said to live in Nepal's Bardia National Park; Niall and local guides track the giant beasts through dense jungles.
aired 548 days ago
One of the largest, heaviest birds in the world, the cassowary is territorial with a reputation for killing people; in Queensland, Niall discovers a small group of cassowaries clinging to life after human development destroyed its environment.
aired 548 days ago
In Uganda, Niall learns that villagers are causing the population of lions to decline.