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Bandit Patrol

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Making a lucrative living certainly isn't a motivating factor for wildlife caregivers. It's a profession that appeals to those with a strong will, a big heart, and a love of wild animals. In rural western Kentucky, the dedicated individuals featured in "Wild Bandits" rescue, rehabilitate and release injured, sick, and orphaned wild animals. State-licensed volunteers like Kristin Allen, who works for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, answer emergency calls day and night, and coordinate with other rehabbers to provide the best care for each species. Despite the constant sacrifice of time, money and sleep, these caregivers make sure the animals come first -- with the ultimate goal of one day returning them back to the wild.

Latest episodes

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The Wildlife Rehabilitators of Kentucky have their hands full with orphaned animals.
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The animal rescuers keep busy during the springtime in Kentucky.
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The Allens train a mink; Nikki finds a skunk; Grant aids a hawk; Brigette helps a bat.
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Brigette takes in raccoons; Kristin aids an opossum; Nikki rescues a red-tailed hawk.
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Nancy helps a bald eagle with an injured shoulder.
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Kristin and Grant rehab a wild bobcat; Brigette works to save a blind opossum; Nikki must figure out why a bat is hiding in a sidewalk crack.
aired 170 days ago
Kristin rescues a fawn with a broken leg and rushes the animal to the veterinarian.
aired 197 days ago
The team helps a mallard that has nested her babies in the middle of a busy parking lot.
aired 30 days ago
Rescuing an owl; teaching raccoons to survive in the wild; receiving a call about a baby skunk whose mother is found dead.
aired 114 days ago
The crew receive calls to help a few baby foxes, raccoons and one unlucky box turtle.
aired 264 days ago
Brigette learns about an orphaned baby skunk in need of a family.
aired 102 days ago
Follow the dramatic and uplifting stories of wildlife rehabilitation in western Kentucky.
aired 115 days ago
A baby beaver; ducklings in a car park.
aired 102 days ago
A girl finds a nest of bunnies during an Easter egg hunt; Kristin helps a mallard with a broken leg.
aired 114 days ago
With warmer weather arriving, the team must bear in mind the likelihood of female animals being pregnant or having young to feed.
aired 102 days ago
The rehabilitators are reminded how wild their patients can be when a squirrel bites Nancy and Kristen deals with an angry raccoon.