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Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet

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Making house calls in the far reaches of Northern Canada is a daunting task in the least, considering the houses may be separated by hundreds of miles. That challenge doesn't stop Dr. Michelle Oakley from performing her many duties as a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth. In addition to running an animal clinic out of her home in Haines Junction, Yukon -- where she lives with husband Shane and their three daughters -- Dr. Oakley also operates a satellite clinic 150 miles away and is the on-call vet for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, which is about 100 miles from Haines Junction. She also makes house calls, sometimes driving for long stretches through desolate wilderness to check on a patient. This series documents how Dr. Oakley juggles being a full-time vet, wife and mom, and does so with a sense of humor and devotion.

Latest episodes

aired today
Dr. Oakley makes her way around the Yukon for some necessary house calls.
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Dr. Oakley checks up on a reindeer herd and looks at a moose's puzzling giant belly.
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Dr. Oakley is shocked by an elusive coyote; a seal requires emergency surgery.
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Dr. Michelle Oakley holds her ground against two unpredictable squealing boars. Then, a camel neutering flips her upside down.
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Dr. Oakley traps a snarling wolverine to learn more about the ferocious species.
aired 18 days ago
Dr. Michelle Oakley covers thousands of miles as she tends the Yukon's animal population; she treats a 300 pound yak and a golden eagle.
aired 18 days ago
At Bird TLC in Alaska, Michelle examines bald eagles that were injured in a wildfire; at HARK rescue center a feral cat tries to avoid getting neutered.
aired 18 days ago
A donkey in need of an attitude adjustment; a caribou with an infection; a pregnant cow that needs close inspection.
aired 38 days ago
Dr. Oakley runs after sheep and reunites with a dog that has developed a puzzling paw problem.
aired 38 days ago
During mating season in the Yukon, Dr. Oakley is busier than ever.
aired 38 days ago
Winter weather in the Yukon has come and the temperature brings in some serious work for Yukon vet Michelle Oakley.
VOD available
Dr. Oakley treats two disgruntled pigs; a calf banding turns into a wild cow chase.
aired 52 days ago
Dr. Michelle Oakley diagnoses terminally ill patients and gets chased by a muskox.
aired 52 days ago
When a baby boom hits the Yukon territory, Dr. Oakley helps a weak cow deliver an oversized calf, delivers puppies and treats a pregnant goat.
aired 52 days ago
Dr. Michelle Oakley teaches her daughter Sierra how to work with both house pets and wild animals by performing a checkup on a 100 pound puppy and treating an orphaned bear with a raspy lung.
aired 53 days ago
Veterinarian Michelle Oakley flies in to Quebec to help save the caribou population that is on the brink of extirpation.
aired 58 days ago
Dr. Oakley gives eight sled dog puppies their first exam, rounds up a pack of rogue horses and works to solve a miniature horse's medical mystery.
aired 60 days ago
Dr. Michelle Oakley handles patients at the Yukon sled dog race, examining a long stream of athletic dogs.
VOD available
Dr. Oakley travels to Alaska and helps various animals through the seasons.
VOD available
Dr. Oakley tends to baby-related needs in Alaska.
aired 60 days ago
Dr. Michelle Oakley is used to working in the remote areas of the Yukon, but is now headed for the big city of Anchorage where she takes her daughters to meet some orphaned moose cubs.

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