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Animal Fight Night

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Put up your dukes -- er, paws -- and prepare to discover epic, bone-shattering clashes between some of the world's deadliest predators. From lions, tigers and bears to meerkats, mongoose and mice, the series features testosterone-induced battles between some of the biggest, baddest and often surprising fighters in the animal kingdom, revealing the extraordinary motivations and strategies that fuel each incredible brawl.

Latest episodes

aired 405 days ago
The tactics that fearless creatures use when challenging the planet's baddest predators.
aired 406 days ago
A female leopard battles for her lunch and life against a bigger male; the competition among the world's largest great apes; the monitor lizard's tail-turned-weapon.
aired 178 days ago
Animals battle to defend territory, secure a meal or attract a mate; each species has its own weapons and rules of combat.
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Animal mothers wage war to protect their young; disputes over territory turn toxic.
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In the animal kingdom, mortal danger often comes from where it is least expected; animals go to great lengths to eat, protect their young, or pass on their bloodline.
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From African plains to the snow-covered wilds of North America, illustrations of how nature's deadliest battles are fought over turf, dominance and the right to mate.
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Fearless animals battle to the death using their teeth, jaws, claws and wits in the effort to survive across the world's harshest environments.
aired 13 days ago
Angry elephants rampage; hungry crocodiles battle brave lions; deadly ants turn against their own.
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Animals clash over power, revenge, mistaken identity and territory.
VOD available
Animals face off and fight for power.
VOD available
Discover the bone-shattering clashes between some of the planet's deadliest predators.
VOD available
The crucial moments that make the difference between death and survival for some of the world's deadliest predators.
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A showcase of nature's most brutal battle plans.
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The strongest, largest and meanest creatures on earth battle for food, mates, territory and more.
aired 13 days ago
The tactics that fearless creatures use when challenging the planet's baddest predators.
aired 30 days ago
A female leopard battles for her lunch and life against a bigger male; the competition among the world's largest great apes; the monitor lizard's tail-turned-weapon.
aired 180 days ago
An exploration of the planet's deadliest jaws, from animals with piercing canines that ambush their prey to slithering creatures with deadly fangs.
aired 8 days ago
A mother cheetah confronts the heavy weaponry of a Grants gazelle; three male lions try to take down a rhino.
aired 15 days ago
Lions go head to head; gray wolves challenge a grizzly bear; hippos battle; a monkey plans a mission to murder.
aired 60 days ago
A look at the secret tactics of ferocious feline fighters; featuring adrenaline-fueled battles from Africa and beyond.
aired 81 days ago
Animal fights from around the world.
aired 306 days ago
Animal kingdom fights and brawls from across the globe.
aired 306 days ago
The shark and the saltwater crocodile, two of Australia's most fearsome creatures, meet in battle; in Africa, two black rhinos duke it out.
aired 15 days ago
Some of the worlds angriest animals step into the arena and send fins thrashing and fur flying.
aired 37 days ago
The animal kingdom's craziest fighters fight in adrenaline-packed brawls from across the globe.
aired 515 days ago
Animals witnessed turning on their own kind.
aired 397 days ago
A badger's attempt to feed her children goes wrong; a hippo defends his family to the death; a fight between wild turkey.
aired 341 days ago
Animals fight to survive at extreme altitudes; a bald eagle in aerial combat; coyote pack fights.
aired 398 days ago
Life in the tropics; fatal violence when a tiger is hungry for territory; monster-sized lizards fight.
aired 400 days ago
Animals fight to stay alive; a grizzly bear's robbery gone wrong; a starling defends her home.
aired 498 days ago
Nature's shore dwellers battle along the world's coastlines.
aired 437 days ago
Iconic American animals involved in adrenaline-packed fights.
aired 15 days ago
Africa's wildest animals turn on their own kind; the toughest and meanest fights of the savannahs.

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Only the strongest survive in the animal kingdom, where the competition for food, territory or mates means employing skillfully crafted tricks of the trade. "Animal Armory" incorporates high-end imagery and computer graphics to reveal how wildlife use their teeth, claws, antlers, camouflage, venom and even spit to threaten and intimidate rivals and predators alike. With weapons of deception, animals disarm and entice prey to their death. Meanwhile, perhaps the oldest weapons employed by animals are projectiles, which have evolved into their own versions of poison-tipped harpoons, chemical missiles and high-powered bullets.
Not all animals are meant to be domesticated and kept as household pets. Many wild animals, by definition, are rough and rowdy, often leading to out-of-bounds behavior or savage instincts run amok. This series showcases jaw-dropping moments captured by cameras, including attacks on people and other animals, "believe it or not" encounters, and animals that portray human traits. Heroic acts of bravery, narrow escapes and unpredictable incidents are also featured in the hourlong episodes.
Produced by the team that created BBC's "Planet Earth" series, "The Hunt" explores the relationship between predators and their prey. Sir David Attenborough narrates this documentary while the cameras follow the animals in their natural habitats. With a specific focus on strategy, the hunters are examined in detail -- from their use of the environment to their sharp instincts and physical prowess. On the other side of the fence are the hunted, which use their senses and defense tactics to flee when they feel threatened. Each episode centers on a different habitat, and the last one focuses on the state of the planet.
In an ancient land a battle for survival plays out like a "Game of Thrones" episode, but the warring clans here are lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs. Set in the remote wilderness of Savute, Africa, "Savage Kingdom" is a rare look at rival animal factions fighting for decreasing resources in a parched region. Complete with brutal violence, unexpected deaths, surprising characters, and even romantic interludes, each episode is told from one predator's point of view. The result is a dramatic, character-driven story shot by award-winning Botswanan filmmaker Brad Bestelink. Emmy-nominated actor Charles Dance narrates the miniseries.
In the varied forms of veterinary medicine, Dr. Susan Kelleher's practice may be one of the more unusual. Known as Dr. K, she runs South Florida's Broward Avian and Exotics Animal Hospital, and this series follows the staff as it cares for rabbits, ferrets, foxes, fish, birds, reptiles, marsupials, and even primates. As do some other vets, Kelleher thinks domesticating wild animals like monkeys is a bad idea, but that feeling doesn't interfere with her taking care of them: "If it will fit through the door, I'll treat it," she says.
Stunning computer animation brings the most ferocious giants of the Ice Age back to life, creating a portrait of their wild existence and puzzling extinction. Also, details about their lives and disappearance are revealed through the work of paleontologists, who uncover fossilized bones of these lethal creatures.
Global explorer/wildlife biologist Niall McCann tracks down the largest, fiercest animals in the world to learn more about their behavior and habitat. His conservation research takes him to the swamps of Venezuela to catch giant anacondas, into the jungles of Nepal to follow fearsome predators like the royal Bengal tiger, and to Australia's Northern Territory to wrestle with deadly saltwater crocodiles. McCann also studies human encounters with abnormally big or dangerous animals in the places he visits.
From the frozen tundra in the north to the dry forests of the equator, Sir David Attenborough narrates a compelling view of the planet. "Planet Earth" was the first natural history documentary to be filmed in high definition, and now a decade later improved technology has made it possible to capture further details, from elusive animal behaviors to previously inaccessible remote landscapes. In addition to exploring the wilderness, the series examines urban dwellings, focusing on animals that have adapted to city life.