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Africa's Deadliest

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Africa is home to some of the deadliest creatures of all, and in this series, you'll see them.

Latest episodes

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The African bush is thick with thieves; every animal must fight for what is theirs; in this land of cunning and mischief, when the going gets tough, even the most surprising characters are forced to turn to the dark side.
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On the fierce battlegrounds of Botswana, being in a gang is a matter of life or death.
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Discover life in the African wilderness as animals use their skills and weapons to survive.
aired 3 days ago
Vunerable babies in the wild fight to survive to adulthood using cunning strategies to outwit the dangers they face.
aired 83 days ago
A closer look at where predator's begin; Africa's rookie predators still have many lessons to learn.
aired 5 days ago
An action-packed showcase of Africa's top ten deadliest invaders.
aired 70 days ago
Africa's deadliest include masters of ambush and fatal assassins.
aired 3 days ago
An action-packed showcase of Africa's top ten deadliest ambush hunters.
aired 5 days ago
Big cats are at the top of the food chain in Africa, where every hunt is a deadly execution of power, stealth and speed.
aired 5 days ago
Surviving in the animal kingdom alone is difficult; these animals improve the odds in a team; each gang with a territory and each territory a war.
aired 86 days ago
Giants who still roam the planet long after the age of dinosaurs; super sized bodies, thick skin, sharp teeth and bad attitudes.
aired 6 days ago
Jaws of a moray eel; strike speed of a puff adder snake and more of deadly animal weapons.
aired 3 days ago
Africa's predators wage war on prey.
aired 6 days ago
Unique killing strategies devised by predators.

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