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Animal Armory

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Only the strongest survive in the animal kingdom, where the competition for food, territory or mates means employing skillfully crafted tricks of the trade. "Animal Armory" incorporates high-end imagery and computer graphics to reveal how wildlife use their teeth, claws, antlers, camouflage, venom and even spit to threaten and intimidate rivals and predators alike. With weapons of deception, animals disarm and entice prey to their death. Meanwhile, perhaps the oldest weapons employed by animals are projectiles, which have evolved into their own versions of poison-tipped harpoons, chemical missiles and high-powered bullets.

Latest episodes

aired 10 days ago
A close look at the most pungent predators and prey.
aired 10 days ago
Small, deadly creatures packed with lethal venom and poison prove that survival isn't just about size, teeth and brute force.
aired 10 days ago
Some animals take stealth to another level with disguises that let them blend into their surroundings.
aired 10 days ago
Secrets of the lethal weapons of the animal world.
aired 58 days ago
Creatures that incorporate spitting and stinging into their arsenal for survival.
aired 100 days ago
An animal's ability to fight could be the difference between life and death.