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Amy Schumer Learns to Cook

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Amy and Chris are quarantined at home in Martha's Vineyard with their nanny, who looks after baby Gene and runs the camera during naptimes; chef Chris will prepare meals from their pantry with an assist from Amy.

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Amy Schumer tries her hand at sandwiches and tacos; tinto de verano; panzanella salad; tempura-battered fish tacos, guacamole with pea shoots and rice.
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Amy Schumer begins her culinary education with breakfast; Chris shows her how to make a perfectly poached egg, crispy bacon, celery and fennel salad and some applesauce for their son, Gene.
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Amy and Chris agree that every night is movie night during quarantine; crispy potatoes; lamb sliders; Greek salad dip; a comforting hot toddy to get through the day; mashed potatoes, warm radish and potato salad.
airs in 1 day
As the quarantine continues, Amy and her husband, Chef Chris Fischer, decide the only possible cure for the lockdown blues is a good, old-fashioned carb load; peach bellini; perfectly fried eggs with shallots and spinach, pork sausage and pancakes.