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You're the Worst

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"You're the Worst" is a modern look at love and happiness told through the eyes of two people who haven't been very successful with either. It's the story of Gretchen and Jimmy, fear, heartbreak, romance, sex, food, Los Angeles, Sunday Funday, friendship, and the fact that sometimes the worst people make the best partners. Narcissistic, brash, and stubborn Jimmy Shive-Overly has inadvertently found himself paired up with cynical, people-pleasing, and self-destructive Gretchen Cutler. "You're the Worst" is an original comedy from writer and executive producer Stephen Falk, and puts a dark twist on the romantic comedy genre.

Latest episodes

aired 2 days ago
Lindsay is served divorce papers; Gretchen has a work crisis; Edgar delves into improv comedy; Jimmy spends his entire day with an eccentric author.
aired 2 days ago
Gretchen throws herself a housewarming party to reconnect with her old group of friends; Jimmy believes that friends are for babies; Lindsay meets her estranged husband's new girlfriend while Edgar continues his pursuit of Lindsay.
aired 9 days ago
Gretchen takes the gang on a trip to the mall; Jimmy gains writing inspiration; Lindsay recruits a hesitant Edgar to help her pick up guys.
aired 9 days ago
Jimmy and Gretchen avoid domesticity by partying; an oblivious Lindsay tries to reconcile with her husband while Edgar drools over her.
aired 106 days ago
Jimmy and Gretchen go for a long drive to force a conclusion on the confusing state of their relationship; Edgar finds closure with Max; Lindsay finds a way to solve Becca, Vernon and Paul's problems all at once.
aired 106 days ago
In an attempt to distract herself, Gretchen spends the day with Boone and his daughter; Jimmy tries to prove to himself that he has moved on; Lindsay tries to save Olivia from getting too close to Gretchen; Edgar trails Max.
aired 114 days ago
Gretchen participates in a family tradition with Boone and his daughter while Jimmy competes on an NPR game show; Lindsay's desire to help people leads her back into Paul's orbit; Edgar attempts to deepen his friendship with Max.
aired 120 days ago
Jimmy spends a day with a woman from his past and attempts to fit in with her friends; Gretchen tries to impress Boone's ex-wife; Lindsay reconnects with a former father figure; Edgar buys a car that he cannot afford.
airs in 12 days
Lindsay's mother comes to town, shedding light on the origin of Lindsay's issues; Jimmy attempts to get over Gretchen by hooking up with someone from his past; Edgar struggles to reconcile his new writer life with his old veteran life.
aired 130 days ago
Jimmy goes out of town for a convention; Gretchen throws a divorce party for Lindsay, leading to an unintended deepening of Gretchen's relationship with Boone; Edgar's friend encourages him to overspend on party planning.
aired 130 days ago
Gretchen goes home for the birth of her brother's baby, but instead ends up reconnecting with a friend from her past, who inadvertently reveals why Jimmy may have left her.
aired 137 days ago
Edgar takes Jimmy on a "man date" in an effort to emotionally bond with him; Gretchen discovers some startling news about the new guy she is seeing; Lindsay attempts to make friends at work.
aired 137 days ago
Gretchen moves back into the house and plays mind games with Jimmy, sabotaging his first interview for the new book; Edgar and Lindsay plot to get Jimmy and Gretchen back together.
aired 144 days ago
Jimmy discovers that his novel is being marketed as erotica; Gretchen has been letting Jimmy off easy; Edgar and Lindsay babysit Tallulah.
aired 144 days ago
After Jimmy returns to Los Angeles, he attempts to make amends with Gretchen, leading to their first confrontation; Lindsay and Edgar enjoy their new friends-with-benefits arrangement.
aired 149 days ago
After proposing to Gretchen and immediately abandoning her, Jimmy goes into hiding in an attempt to escape reality; Gretchen takes the first baby steps toward reconstructing her life; Edgar and Lindsay struggle to find normalcy.
aired 149 days ago
After proposing to Gretchen and immediately abandoning her, Jimmy goes into hiding in an attempt to escape reality; Gretchen takes the first baby steps toward reconstructing her life; Edgar and Lindsay struggle to find normalcy.
aired 169 days ago
Jimmy and Gretchen take their relationship to the next level.
aired 169 days ago
The events spanning over the course of three years that lead up to Gretchen and Jimmy meeting for the first time.
aired 176 days ago
Jimmy meets Gretchen's parents for the first time.
aired 177 days ago
Gretchen freaks out when Jimmy opens up emotionally about his issues with his father after receiving a package.

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