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Sometimes, a watch can do more than just tell the time. That is the case with the timepiece that is given to young Nate by ghostly creature Whisper, who also serves as his butler. The watch allows him to see supernatural creatures known as Yo-kai, which are normally invisible to humans. While wearing the watch, Nate is also able to summon the Yo-kai he has befriended, enabling him to utilize the creatures' powers. Using the power of the Yo-kai, Nate goes around town, resolving trouble that he encounters.

Latest episodes

VOD available
Yo-kai Gargaros returns to fight Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan; Nate encounters a psychic Yo-kai.
VOD available
Komasan meets real aliens; Nate goes on a game show and pulls an all-nighter.
VOD available
Komasan goes on the trail of the world's last caveman; Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan help an ailing Yo-kai.
VOD available
Yo-kai Master Oden keeps Nate from having dinner until he hears a truly stinging story; Nate notices how Eddie is suspecting everyone around him, and finds out the Yo-kai Suspicioni is to blame.
VOD available
Whenever Nate makes a decision, the evil pirate captain Yo-kai Cap n' Crash makes him regret it.

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