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Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

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When young suburbanite Penn Zero unexpectedly inherits a job that most kids could only dream about having -- being a superhero -- he jumps fully into his new, part-time duties. He still has to live his normal, everyday life, which includes going to school, but after school is when the fun begins. Penn teams up with sidekick Sashi and wise man Boone as their adventures take them all over the place, from outer space to the Old West and the biggest challenge of all: suburbia. The ultimate goal for Penn and his team is to defeat evil Rippen and save the world.

Latest episodes

aired 103 days ago
Boone and Larry are steampunk inventors; Penn must go back in time to save his friends.
aired 104 days ago
When Sashi's parents find out about her real job with Penn and Boone, Penn has Phyllis zap her and her parents into the Outer Space World; a mission in Cereal Mascot World gets weird when the Milkman makes an appearance.
aired 105 days ago
Penn and team return to Wingfire Academy; Penn and team board a spaceship near a black hole.
aired 106 days ago
Phyllis' Multi-Universe Transprojector (MUT) is damaged and dangerous vortexes open up throughout the multiverse.
aired 110 days ago
The group must figure out how to work together; a game's loophole.
aired 110 days ago
Penn's origin story is revealed in a flashback.
aired 111 days ago
Uncle Chuck and Aunt Rose try to prove they have a heroic side; the kids are zapped into a backyard world.
aired 111 days ago
In a world where everyone is a plant, Private Detective Penn tries to solve the mystery; Boone is zapped into an animal barbarian.
aired 112 days ago
Penn, Sashi and Boon return to Chuckle City to compete in a clown-style street race; Penn is excited to be a super spy agent.
aired 112 days ago
Penn must overcome his jealousy of popular fellow cadet Blaze to complete his mission and finish at the top of his class at Dragon Flight School; Penn accidentally drinks a potion that turns him into a Rippen-monster.
aired 113 days ago
Penn discovers that Phyllis is trying to locate the Most Dangerous World Imaginable to bring his parents back to Middleburg.
aired 113 days ago
Boone and Penn swap roles; Penn questions the teams mission to find Rufus and unpopular royal fish.
aired 114 days ago
Rippen falls for a space villain; Penn and the team try to stop Rippen and Amber.
aired 114 days ago
Rippen is robbing the world of color; a power outage prevents anyone from zapping.
aired 117 days ago
The team zaps into a musical fairy-tale land; Larry fills in as part-time villain.
aired 117 days ago
Penn returns to the world of super heroes; the heroes have been turned evil; the team defends themselves against evil sports equipment hunters.
aired 118 days ago
The team zaps into a world where they are enormous monsters; Penn seeks the help of an imprisoned Rippen to catch The Milk Man.
aired 118 days ago
Boone finds himself on the most popular game show in the galaxy where he must compete against Rippen; Penn goes under cover as Rippen's new minion.
aired 119 days ago
The team is zapped into a new world as spaceship heroes; Penn, Boone and Sashi are 1920s explorers in a race against time.
aired 119 days ago
Penn is relieved when the team is zapped to a shopping mall and given normal jobs; the tough and serious Sashi must get in touch with her silly side.
aired 120 days ago
Penn feels down about his first Christmas without his parents but he gets zapped to the North Pole to save Christmas.

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