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X-Ray Mega Airport

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"X-Ray Mega Airport" uses the latest technology to reveal the inner workings of Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The series employs computer-generated imagery to demonstrate what is underneath the surface of a plane, the internal space of a cargo-carrying truck, and even exposes what goes on in the minds of passengers and crew during a flight. The brain waves of a pilot are documented as he attempts to land an aircraft in crosswinds, and engineers are seen working on an Airbus A380's engine. Other episodes include the operations behind movement of luggage, how the conveyor belt system works and how controllers can single out pieces of luggage among thousands.

Latest episodes

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Meeting the airport's highly pressured engineering teams, the security personal who enforce the law and many more of Frankfurt's unsung heroes.
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Flights from five continents land at Frankfurt International Airport every day; a look at how cargo is distributed and passengers are managed.
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A collection of observational narratives on different people working at the innovative Frankfurt Airport, one of the world's largest and most complex aviation hubs.
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Using state of the art equipment to X-ray scan the airport, a look at how every action is precisely controlled, from the baggage network to the cockpit.
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The most hectic jobs at the airport; a look at what it takes to get an airliner parked, fueled, cleaned, loaded and boarded for its next flight.