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Airport Security: Colombia

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The security and anti-narcotics units in Bogota's El Dorado Airport.

Latest episodes

aired 13 days ago
After being arrested with cocaine in his suitcase, a man accuses his son-in-law of tricking him; two individuals posing as a couple of young tourists turn out to be complete strangers carrying cocaine capsules inside their bodies.
aired 69 days ago
After an inspection reveals that a pair of innocent-looking high heels are more than they seem, the passenger carrying them claims he was doing someone a favor without realizing what they were.
aired 70 days ago
A mother tries to take her daughter out of the country with forged documents; immigration officers must stop a passenger from evading justice by leaving the country.
aired 70 days ago
After being caught carrying a total of 120 cocaine capsules inside their bodies, three people confess the dramatic circumstances they claim pushed them into committing a crime.
aired 77 days ago
Security officers in Colombia's largest airport keep criminals out.
aired 77 days ago
The officers suspect a young woman, but upon closer inspection of her bag, they don't seem to find anything in the usual hiding spots and they'll have to dig deeper to determine whether she's trying to break the law.

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