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Why Planes Crash

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Taking to the sky in an airplane can be dangerous when the weather doesn't cooperate. This documentary series investigates aviation accidents and how the elements contributed to them. Interviews with witnesses and survivors, testimony by experts, and data from the plane's black box aid in exploring each incident. The FAA's case files are used to create animations to diagram what happened before each crash. Fog, haze and hail are some of the weather conditions responsible for the disasters.

Latest episodes

aired 1,143 days ago
There is little room for mistakes in the cockpit of a small plane, where bad weather, poor visibility or distraction can be deadly.
aired 1,143 days ago
Aircraft collisions including a corporate jet and a 737 and a collision between a 727 and a Cessna that's caught on film.
aired 1,143 days ago
Helicopters are the choice vehicle for remote rescues and rapid responses, but they have their own set of dangers.
aired 1,143 days ago
Exploring terrifying airplane disasters, beginning with a look at why pilots risk ditching in water, and a hijacked 747 that was forced into the ocean.