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Wild Yellowstone

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The wilderness of Yellowstone Park.

Latest episodes

airs in 5 days
Beavers and grizzly bears retreat under cover from an endless blizzard; wolves, red foxes and river otters face winter head on.
airs in 5 days
Yellowstone transforms into a wildlife paradise with a cruel dark side as grizzly bears emerge from mountain dens to search for food.
aired 25 days ago
Yellowstone National Park is an extraordinary wilderness area where every creature has a survival strategy.
aired 47 days ago
Yellowstone National Park is a land of extremes; summertime in the park is a time of plenty, while wintertime forces its wildlife into a struggle for survival.

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Casey Anderson is a man dedicated to preserving wildlife. He also has a special approach to understanding grizzly bears, which can be seen in the close, unique relationship he has with Brutus. "Expedition Wild" follows Casey as he travels 60 kilometers to Yellowstone National Park, documenting grizzly bears and mountain lions as they hunt for food to prepare for hibernation. Along the way, Casey learns behaviors that he can teach to Brutus and witnesses the daily struggle wild animals endure to survive.
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