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Epic Yellowstone

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"Epic Yellowstone" is narrated by actor Bill Pullman and was filmed over a three year period. Yellowstone is a place where snow meets fire, where the waters travel from the Rocky Mountain peaks to the Great Plains -- and where the never-ending battle between predator and prey lurk. The landscape is home to some of the most spectacular views and wildlife in America and Pullman explores the colorful springs and raging waters with its glistening winters and verdant summers as the hordes of animals return.

Latest episodes

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Stories of wintertime survival include the park's toughest inhabitants; a bobcat hunts for waterfowl; otters find fishing holes; bison migrate to Yellowstone's geothermal core; a look at the park's geysers and hot springs through thermal imagery.
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The Yellowstone River moves untamed through its 700-mile journey; trumpeter swans congregate; otters makes a daring portage down the cliffs; a grizzly sow fords rapids; fly fishermen take advantage of the swarm of salmon fly hatch.
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Yellowstone's winged creatures survey the extraordinary landscape; the American dipper breaks winter's silence; sandhill cranes perform their courtship dance; bluebirds deliver food to their broods; an osprey fends off a peregrine falcon's attack.
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Wolves are reintroduced after a 70-year absence; a lone wolf seeks to join the ranks of the Wapiti Pack; the endangered grizzly population makes a comeback; many of the bears are descendents of a legendary matriarch who is raising two new cubs.