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Weird Wonders of the World

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English naturalist Chris Packham explores some of the strangest natural events to be caught on camera in this docuseries. Assisted by scientists and experiments, Packham explores the secrets behind bizarre science, crazy weather and medical marvels. Using footage taken by eyewitnesses and news crews, the host attempts to decipher the truth behind each scene. Some of the incidents under scrutiny are unusual animal friendships, towns under the siege of thousands of flying insects and extraordinary mating calls that have kept people awake at night.

Latest episodes

aired 30 days ago
Deadly poisonous frogs can save lives; seeing faces in everything; a woman's pants spontaneously burst into flames.
aired 30 days ago
A whirlwind wedding ceremony; exploding rocks; a woman's twin inside her brain.
aired 30 days ago
A man gets drunk without drinking alcohol; molecular music.
aired 30 days ago
A suspiciously fishy oil slick; an angry lemming.
aired 30 days ago
A bird-killing solar death ray; a monkey learns first aid.
aired 37 days ago
A flame-filled firenado; a bizarre-looking living rock; oversized rats save lives.
aired 37 days ago
A glacier that bleeds red; an electrician is tattooed by a lightning bolt; a man has a tooth for an eye.
aired 47 days ago
The cause of mysterious holes in the Russian tundra; an underwater lake; the creator of a canon built especially for salmon.

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