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Digging for Britain

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Dr. Alice Roberts follows an entire year of British archaeology.

Latest episodes

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Excavating and restoring a British naval find; mystery surrounds a forgotten Tudor palace; Shakespeare's first theater.
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In Northumbria, skeletons tell tales of violent death and tenderness; people curate grave goods in an amazing community project.
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Temple complex to match Skara Brae; Neolithic burial place suggesting mass murder in Oxfordshire.
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Iraqi troops defended Britain from the Barbarians; melting pot of cultures in a cemetery on Hadrian's Wall.

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Smithsonian Channel delves into the supernatural beliefs of ancient Britons in "Mystic Britain." In this documentary series, talk show host Clive Anderson and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota travel across the United Kingdom exploring sacred belief, strange rituals and occult practices. They are joined by scientists, archaeologists and historians who look at the latest discoveries unearthing weird and wondrous truths about ancient sites, events and cultures. Anderson and Ochota's journeys include a visit to an ancient church, where the walls are scored with demonic symbols, Hadrian's Wall, a massive structure believed to have magical powers, the site of the Rollright Stones, where it is said that fairies dance on summer evenings, and a pit full of human bones showing signs of mutilation in a Yorkshire village.