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Wanted: Dead or Alive

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Bounty hunter Josh Randall prowls the Old West.

Latest episodes

aired 83 days ago
An Eastern newspaperman accompanies Josh on one of his manhunts.
aired 86 days ago
Three men set themselves up as dictators in a town after a tornado sweeps through it.
aired 87 days ago
Josh encounters his most challenging adversary when he brings a beautiful woman to justice.
aired 88 days ago
Josh must keep an alcoholic sober until the arrival of a long-absent brother.
aired 89 days ago
Josh apprehends a Union officer (Paul Burke) accused of desertion. Also guest stars James Coburn.
aired 90 days ago
Josh saves a respected banker from a lynching when his bank is robbed.
aired 93 days ago
An ominous-looking stranger appears as Josh escorts a group of criminals to jail. Guest star: Beverly Garland.
aired 94 days ago
A crooked deputy sheriff thwarts Josh's efforts to locate the son of a dying land baron.
aired 95 days ago
A woman's past provides a motive for why she murdered her fugitive husband.
aired 96 days ago
An Army officer (Harry Townes) attempts to ignite a war with Indians.
aired 97 days ago
Josh advisies a young woman (Susan Oliver) against trusting the insensitive man she's fallen in love with.
aired 100 days ago
Josh and his partner are sent to hunt an innocent man at the request of the real murderer.
aired 101 days ago
Josh proves that wine, women and gambling need be no deterrent to tracking down a killer.
aired 102 days ago
Josh becomes the target of a gunman when he tries to patch up a family feud.
aired 103 days ago
Josh saves his quarry from the noose so that he can testify in another town.
aired 104 days ago
Josh acquires a partner when a deputy sheriff convinces him that he needs a sidekick.
aired 107 days ago
An ambitious deputy sheriff finds an elusive criminal Josh has been hunting.
aired 108 days ago
An Easterner hires Josh to find his fiancee.
aired 109 days ago
A crooked trainer is using a two-ton elephant to plunder villages and mines.
aired 110 days ago
A determined woman tries to prevent Josh from bringing in her father's killer for trial.
aired 111 days ago
Josh tries to help a man with amnesia rediscover his past.

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Debuting in 1955, "Cheyenne" made history as television's first hourlong western and introduced brawny actor Clint Walker to the world as the jack-of-all-trades loner Cheyenne Brodie. Raised by an American Indian tribe after the death of his parents, the physically imposing Cheyenne calls upon the many skills learned from his past as he wanders the Old West, finding action and adventure at every turn. Like many other productions during the Golden Age of Television, "Cheyenne" had its share of guest stars who would later become famous in their own right, including Rod Taylor, Dennis Hopper, George Kennedy, James Garner, Richard Crenna and Michael Landon.