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Waka & Tammy

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Hip-hop's iconic sweethearts Waka Flocka Flame and his sassy wife, Tammy Rivera, navigate their renewed commitment to their relationship after their emotional roller-coaster on WE TV's "Marriage Boot Camp."

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Drama hits the fan when Waka's little lie spirals into chaos; Tammy is blindsided when Waka tricks her into couples therapy and learns their marriage is shattered; the pressure to keep it all together makes Tammy have a breakdown.
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Waka has a secret that threatens his marriage; Tammy thinks something's wrong; Things run amok.
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Tammy tries to juggle the stress of having it all, but outside forces come crashing down and Waka is torn and questioning their marriage.
aired 35 days ago
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Waka and Tammy reignite the flame with a lot of overdue makeup sex; Tammy takes Charlie to meet her grandfather in prison, which ends in tears and heartbreak; Waka devises a secret plan that no one sees coming, and Deb is caught off guard.
airs today
Couples therapy sparks a firestorm; Deb and Mona serve tough love and anger escalates over Tammy's career; Tammy leaves town to cool off, but her teenage daughter Charlie continues to rebel; Waka fights to save his marriage from imploding.