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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

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Being in the spotlight doesn't necessarily make life easier for reality TV stars and, in fact, often makes things harder for the celebrities. Oftentimes, their relationships suffer from the notoriety. In this series of the "Marriage Boot Camp" franchise, stars of such shows as "The Real Housewives" and "Bad Girls Club" seek help from therapists and other experts to prevent their personal relationships -- either romantic or familial -- from getting worse. The therapists put the celebs and their loved ones through their form of boot camp, testing them with challenges that include revealing some of their deepest secrets and personal woes.

Latest episodes

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The family members must confess their deepest truths or suffer a terrifying punishment; Chrissy breaks down in tears; Amber and Matt's checkered past rears its ugly head; Renee unleashes years of pent-up rage on her sisters.
aired 3 days ago
The families go back to kindergarten for a surprise show and tell; the class spirals out of control as deep issues are exposed; Amber goes on a rampage that sparks a brutal confrontation with the Jones family; extended version.
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The families go back to kindergarten for a surprise show and tell; the class spirals out of control as deep issues are exposed; Amber goes on a rampage that sparks a brutal confrontation with the Jones family.
aired 9 days ago
The top 25 most outrageous moments; the biggest personalities and the worst blowups from meltdowns and confessions to make-ups and break-ups.
aired 18 days ago
An all new sneak-peek of the latest season of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition," as well as the exciting return of "Bridezillas."
aired 31 days ago
The ring ceremony unleashes chaos; one spouse gets cold feet while another storms out of the mansion; Keke's shocking pregnancy test results; panic strikes when divorce papers are served.
aired 32 days ago
Lie detector tests put the couples on blast; Amber fears the polygraph; Jade's dirty little secret; a wild night on the town sparks a cat fight.
aired 33 days ago
Self-hate unleashes when the stars must forgive themselves; Jade gets pushed to the edge; Keke and Margeaux go head to head; lies about a secret kiss lead to trouble.
aired 34 days ago
Couples expose painful secrets of their dark pasts; Karen breaks down over her dad's role in her uncle's murder; Tanner refuses to open up; Merika hits rock bottom.
aired 35 days ago
The couples talk sex, leading to shocking confessions; Merika storms off when Margeaux reveals her true desires involve her ex; Keke & Margeaux face off; Amber exposes a dark secret from her past.
aired 36 days ago
Communication drill drama; one couple is caught cheating; Keke and Margeaux face off; Margeaux & Nikko spark old flames; Merika's jealousy causes a meltdown; Jim unleashes on Amber; shocking issues exposed.
aired 37 days ago
A social mixer sparks chaos when couples meet their ideal mate; jealousy strikes; Storm goes ballistic; Keke goes in for the kill; Jim faces off against Dr. V.
aired 38 days ago
Drama erupts when the stars fight dirty; KeKe storms off in a tirade; Amber breaks down over Jim's belligerent drinking habits; Nikko battles to win Margeaux back.
aired 39 days ago
The stars come face to face with death; a fatal crime scene triggers painful, final goodbyes; Tanner shuts down; Amber panics; Merika hits Margeaux with an ultimatum.
aired 40 days ago
Boot camp is launched into chaos with dirty gossip; drama erupts in Divorce Court; a surprise guest shocks all.
aired 41 days ago
Dirty little secrets are exposed from a wild night out; ring ceremony heartbreak; shocking scandal revealed; one couple gets kicked out of boot camp.
aired 42 days ago
Lie detector test reveals shocking truths; Memphitz is blindsided; Cody's hit with a low blow; Tara and Dean's secret.
aired 43 days ago
The couples confront their own worst enemy- themselves; Michelle faces her infidelity; Dean as a breakthrough; Tara's meltdown sparks chaos in the control room.
aired 44 days ago
The couples unleash their demons and face their dark pasts; Michelle reveals a painful secret; Memphitz returns from court; Tara spirals out of control.
aired 45 days ago
The starts get candid; sex lives exposed; Tara flees during sex drill; Michelle and Cody struggle between love and lust.
aired 46 days ago
Shock therapy shakes the couples to their core; an explosive confession about infidelity; one star is forced to leave Boot Camp.