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While conducting an experiment in time travel, scientists Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Douglas Phillips find themselves whisked from time period to time period, while their colleagues back in the present desperately struggle to retrieve the two men. The pair frequently find themselves on the brink of a major historical event, and while the scientists back home can see the action unfolding wherever Newman and Phillips are, they are helpless to offer any aid.

Latest episodes

aired 320 days ago
An alien (Kevin Hagen) planning to destroy Earth captures the time travelers during an 1883 battle at Khartoum.
aired 321 days ago
A metallic man of the future (Del Monroe) takes Ann (Lee Meriwether) to his planet for scientific study. With Michael Ansara.
aired 413 days ago
Tony and Doug land among Barbary Coast pirates as Capt. Stephen Decatur (Charles Bateman) prepares to attack.
aired 413 days ago
Townspeople mistake Tony for Billy the Kid as the real outlaw (Robert Walker) hunts the time travelers.
aired 413 days ago
Doug and Tony search for a golden mask in Mexico after narrowly escaping the grasp of Hernando Cortes (Anthony Caruso).
aired 413 days ago
Doug and Tony spy for Joshua (Rhodes Reason) as he prepares to tumble the walls of Jericho. With Myrna Fahey.
aired 413 days ago
Aliens (Jan Merlin, Fred Beir) enslave Tony and Doug in a plan to strip 1885 Earth of all sustenance.
aired 413 days ago
Two Japanese soldiers hunt the time travelers for sport on a jungle island in the Pacific. With Mako Iwamatsu, Phillip Ahn.

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