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The Outer Limits

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"There is nothing wrong with your television set." That famous line opens each episode of the classic science fiction anthology series as part of a narration that makes people think their TVs are being controlled. Episodes of the series, which numbered 49 over the course of two seasons, range from a mix of sci-fi and horror that feature "scary monster" motifs to episodes focused on the sci-fi aspects of the stories. Episode writers include such notables as series creator Leslie Stevens and Harlan Ellison.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Space station crewmen encounter mushroom-like organisms that emit a lethal gas and multiply with astounding rapidity.
aired 5 days ago
An investigation reveals the link between the disappearances of four scientists born in a single county.
aired 6 days ago
An ambitious woman pays dearly for destroying a creature captured by her husband in a laser experiment.
aired 7 days ago
A government agent infiltrates a strange society which hopes to conquer mankind by attaching parasitic creatures to human spinal cords.
aired 8 days ago
A scientist who talks to insects hires a new lab assistant, secretly an invading queen bee disguised in human form.
aired 12 days ago
An elderly woman waits for someone to look into a box and take the place of her spouse, trapped since 1929.
aired 13 days ago
Martians (Barry Morse, Carroll O'Connor) investigate Earth's quaint custom of homicide by using a machine that can replay a murder in fast and slow motion.
aired 14 days ago
As an alternative to spending his life in prison, a man volunteers for the "inhabitant exchange" program being conducted with the planet Chromo.
aired 19 days ago
The planet Zanti coerces permission for its misfits, giant ants with human heads, to emigrate to Earth.
aired 20 days ago
A captured creature asks fellow sea dwellers for help when a dictator plans to use it as a tourist attraction.
aired 21 days ago
A team of scientists propels itself into the fourth dimension, where everything is a mirror image of itself.
aired 22 days ago
A ball of black dust sucked into a vacuum cleaner feeds on the motor's energy and grows to uncontrollable proportions.
aired 26 days ago
Astronauts believe they have been imprisoned on an alien planet and suffer torture.
aired 27 days ago
A metal plate in a man's head allows him to hear two crystalline rocks discussing plans to take over the Earth.
aired 28 days ago
At a military base in Greenland, the brains of two men are accidentally exchanged when an experiment goes awry.
aired 29 days ago
A murder supports an insane scientist's assertion he saw a monster in a visible projection of human wavelengths.
aired 33 days ago
An astronaut accidentally passes through a time warp and finds the Earth of 2148 barren and populated by grotesque humanoids.
aired 34 days ago
A Welsh miner volunteers to be the first subject for an experiment to speed human evolution.
aired 35 days ago
A meek and mild college instructor (Donald Pleasence) inherits incredible and uncontrollable mental powers after a unique scientific experiment.
aired 36 days ago
Scientists create a fake "being" from another planet to frighten nations into a peaceful coexistence.
aired 40 days ago
A winning presidential candidate (Sidney Blackmer) is being impersonated by an agent of an Asian despot.

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In the tradition of the 1960s cult show of the same name, this anthology series features different actors, many well-known from their previous work, in each episode. The episodes often explore eerie and often supernatural themes with a science-fiction element.