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Based on a series of short films, the dramedy series "This Close" explores the relationship between 20-something best friends Kate, who is newly engaged, and Michael, who is attempting to move on from his ex-fiancé. Universal and relatable themes of love and friendship are touched on throughout the half-hour episodes, which are written by stars Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman -- actual best friends, both of whom are deaf. The ensemble cast includes Cheryl Hines as Kate's boss and Marlee Matlin as Michael's mother, a recovering alcoholic trying to reconnect with her son.

Latest episodes

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Kate is thrilled when Stella asks her to lunch; Michael dives into his new teaching job; shocking news threatens the future of Kate and Michael's friendship.
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Kate escorts Michael on an out-of-town trip after the fallout of the brunch; as Michael struggles to acclimate to the environment and relate to the people there, he begins to unlock the painful memories of his past.
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Michael plans an elaborate brunch to apologize to Ryan and while Kate wants nothing to do with it, a discovery forces her to stay put; an innocent game turns ugly, bringing out the worst in everyone.
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Kate and Michael try to dive back into normality after the camping trip; Kate receives an upsetting version of Ben's commercial on the same day an unexpected visitor arrives; Michael and Ryan begin couples therapy, but Michael begins to act out.
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Ryan insists Kate come along on a family camping trip that he and Michael planned for Jacob's visit; things take a wrong turn when secrets start spilling and tempers flare; the horror escalates when night falls, and the group loses one of their own.
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Kate throws herself into work after moving into Ryan's guest house; when things go wrong on a commercial shoot with Ben, Kate must convince him to do the right thing; Michael is offered a deal that will get him out of his publishing debt.
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Home in Georgia for her grandmother's 80th birthday and to mend her heart, Kate runs into her ex-fiance and starts to wonder about the path not taken; Kate unintentionally derails her mother's intricate plans for the party.
aired 137 days ago
Kate fights over Michael with Ryan, Danny, and the hospital staff who don't understand how to deal with deaf patients; Ryan and Michael make a hasty decision that sends Kate spinning, and by the time the sun rises, the two friends are worlds apart.
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Danny confesses to Kate that he has lost his job; Kate decides to be more proactive at work; Michael becomes inspired and works on a new graphic novel, a memoir based on his childhood.
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Ryan's Palm Springs vacation home is the site of Kate, Danny, Michael and Ryan's best and worst memories together, as flashbacks reveal how each relationship has grown and deteriorated.
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Kate attempts to host the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for Michael and his family, but secrets threaten to ruin the holiday.
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Emboldened after a successful PR event for work, Kate approaches her boss about an exciting potential client, but is disappointed by her response.
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Kate's boss, Stella, sends her to represent their PR firm at an industry panel, but it is not what Kate expected; Michael's meeting with his editor about his new graphic novel does not go well.
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Best friends Kate and Michael travel from Los Angeles to Seattle for a book signing and Q&A for Michael's first graphic novel; the trip up north quickly goes south when Michael discovers Kate has been keeping a secret from him.

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