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The Wonder List With Bill Weir

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From local news and sports reporter to correspondent on ABC's "Good Morning America" and "Nightline," Bill Weir has taken a varied path in his journalism career. Another turn came when he joined CNN in 2013 to develop original programming, giving birth to "The Wonder List." In hourlong episodes, Weir travels with cinematographer Philip Bloom to five continents to tell stories of extraordinary people, places, cultures and creatures, which are at a crossroads. In a world of rapid change, how is the intrusion of modernization, climate change and tourism affecting the Galapagos, the Greek island Ikaria, the French Alps, the Dead Sea, the Florida Everglades, India, Venice, and Vanuatu, an island chain in the South Pacific? In 2050, will there still be tigers in the wild? Will the Taj Mahal still be standing? Will there still be Alps to climb and ski? "We set out to create time capsules of places we all agree are precious," Weir says.

Latest episodes

aired 129 days ago
The Incan ruins of Machu Picchu; protecting a fragile beauty in the modern world.
aired 136 days ago
Conservationists turn killers in this battle to turn back time by eradicating mammal invaders threatening the islands' unique ecosystem.
aired 143 days ago
Miners want to drill for billions of dollars worth of copper and gold beneath the wilderness of America's last wild frontier; fishermen say the world's last great salmon run could be jeopardized.
aired 150 days ago
As sea levels rise, the sunken city of Heracleion sounds a warning of the growing threat faced by the planet's teeming coastal cities.
aired 157 days ago
As deforestation rages and unique species vanish, the fight begins to save one of the planet's most special places before it is ruined forever.
aired 165 days ago
In Patagonia, an American conservationist has purchased vast tracts of land to the fury of local developers.
aired 457 days ago
Bill Weir travels to Amsterdam, famed as one of the world's most liberal cities, to find out if the "bastion of tolerance" can stay that way amid a rising tide of intolerance.