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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

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Anthony Bourdain had no reservations about a move to CNN. Shortly after concluding an eight-season stint at the helm of his popular Travel Channel series, the equally popular Emmy-winning host came to the news network searching for "Parts Unknown." In the hourlong weekend series -- similar in premise to Travel's "No Reservations" -- Bourdain explores the world to, he says, "eat and drink with people without fear and prejudice ... they open up to you in ways that somebody visiting who is driven by a story may not get." Enticed by the opportunity to experience cultures rarely visited by American TV, such as in the Congo, Libya and Myanmar, the chef and best-selling author also takes viewers to Colombia, Peru, Morocco and, closer to home, Koreatown in Los Angeles.

Latest episodes

aired 67 days ago
Anthony introduces his friend, Michelin star chef Eric Ripert, to China and Sichuan province by feeding him the most mouth-scorching meals, like peppercorn fish.
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Bourdain takes a personal journey through this formerly bohemian New York City neighborhood, as he meets, shares meals and reflects with music, film and art trailblazers including Richard Hell, Deborah Harry and Chris Stein.
aired 165 days ago
Anthony Bourdain digs deep into the proud, often misunderstood culture of West Virginia, as he traverses a 5,000-foot mine, observes the demolition derby-like sport of rock-bouncing and dines on signature Appalachian dishes.
aired 165 days ago
Guided by chef Masa Takayama, Anthony's trip to Japan begins with a tour of outdoor food markets, followed by a conversation with an ex-geisha at her teahouse, and an omakase experience at Tokyo's famous Sushi Ko.
airs in 11 days
Anthony motorbikes through the capital of Vietnam and joins President Barack Obama for a dish of Bun Cha.
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Anthony Bourdain travels to Laos, a Southeast Asian country, to experience the culture, food and scenery of a country still suffering the effects of the Secret War by the U.S. in the 1960s-1970s.
VOD available
Bourdain takes his first journey to the Sultanate of Oman; finds a peaceful land of beauty that defies expectations.
aired 193 days ago
An alternative tour of Los Angeles by Bourdain; focuses on the impact and contributions of its less photographed and often overlooked Latino communities.
VOD available
Bourdain focuses on the ingenuity of the Nigerian people as he explores the country's food, music and rich cultural diversity.
VOD available
Anthony samples dozens of delicacies during the 40-day Cologne Carnival in Germany; discussing the New Year's Eve assaults with local citizens.
aired 214 days ago
Anthony Bourdain returns to Uruguay after a decade away and finds a progressive nation in the midst of social change, but with evident fragments of its colonial past, most notably in its local cuisine.
VOD available
Bourdain immerses himself in the "boom or bust" city of Seattle.
aired 221 days ago
Anthony Bourdain and film director Darren Aronofsky tour the remote South Asian Kingdom of Bhutan; the seasoned explorers share a meal with yak herders and visit the capitol city of Thimphu for traditional Bhutanese cuisine.
VOD available
Bourdain visits the coastal city of San Sebastian in the Basque Country; famous for its views and fresh seafood.
VOD available
Anthony Bourdain travels to the bottom of the earth to experience the beauty and mystery of the coldest and windiest place on earth.
VOD available
Traveling to the untamed land of Big Bend, Texas near the Mexican border, an area that pits man against nature and in which the land usually wins; sharing meals with working cowboys who have made peace with the rough terrain.
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Bourdain tours the historically rich streets of Singapore; immerses himself in the vast array of multicultural foods throughout this island city-state.
VOD available
Bourdain discovers a hub of international cuisines and cultures in the New York City Borough of Queens.
aired 283 days ago
Anthony visits chef Josh Habiger's Catbird Seat and Bolton's famous hot chicken; Anthony parties with singer Alison Mosshart as he indulges in the best that Music City, U.S.A., has to offer.
VOD available
The people who made "Parts Unknown" select moments from their episodes and pull back the curtain, to talk about collaboration, creative freedom, moments when Bourdain had their back or called them out, and the times when he was caught off guard.
aired 331 days ago
Bourdain's trip to meat-centric Buenos Aires features a meal at famous local spot, Don Carlito's, and an after-hours soccer match.

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