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The Vet Life

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Diarra Blue, Aubrey Ross and Michael Lavigne developed a strong friendship while attending Tuskegee University's College of Veterinary Medicine. After years of paying their dues, which included honing their surgery skills in Las Vegas, they decided to pursue their dreams of owning their own practice together. In 2015, Cy-Fair Animal Hospital opened its doors in Dr. Ross' home city of Houston. "The Vet Life" chronicles the doctors' juggling act running the full-service hospital and animal shelter while managing family lives filled with spouses, parents, in-laws, children, pets and friends.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
Dr. Blue opens up the clinic after Hurricane Harvey pours 30-plus inches of rain on the city of Houston, Texas; the doctors help animals affected by the storm, while dealing with the personal issues that Hurricane Harvey has brought to the city.
aired 2 days ago
Dr. Ross examines a barred owl that was hit by a car, but he hopes will fly again; the doctors also visit an animal rescue center and get close to Texas wildlife.
aired 3 days ago
Six sugar gliders turn Dr. Ross into their personal jungle gym; a young Chihuahua with atypical heart trouble; the doctors fish with a client.
VOD available
Police rescue a turtle caught on fishing line, and it's up to Dr. Ross to unhook him; Dr. Blue waits for test results after performing dental surgery on a loveable dachshund; Dr. Lavigne gives a stray cat first-class treatment.
VOD available
Dr. Lavigne does a not-so-routine surgery on a hermaphrodite dog that's both male and female; a bearded dragon battles a skin disease that Dr. Ross must treat before it causes serious problems; Dr. Blue manages work and a big family move.
airs in 2 days
The docs head to the Renaissance Faire to tend to the birds of prey in need of the West Nile vaccine; Piper the peppy dachshund is not herself and Dr. Lavigne performs surgery; Dr. Ross treats Tesla the tortoise for a fractured beak.
VOD available
Yuki the bulldog ate something she shouldn't have and it's up to Dr. Blue to find it; Dr. Lavigne and his wife learn how to do alternative home care on Suki, an amputee rescue cat his family adopted.
aired 6 days ago
Dr. Blue wants a home aquarium; Dr. Ross attempts to diagnose a dog with bizarre test results; Dr. Lavigne performs knee surgery on a bulldog; a lamb has breathing problems.
aired 7 days ago
Dr. Blue castrates five adult bulls on a vegan cattle ranch; a scary bulldozing occurs; a hen with a rough-mating injury; a young puppy is hit by a car.
aired 8 days ago
Dr. Blue surprises his wife with a romantic wedding vow renewal in Las Vegas; a Schnauzer being boarded at the clinic needs medical help from Dr. Lavigne; Dr. Ross treats a very ornery parrot; a senior dog with a recurring eye mass.
aired 9 days ago
Tensions run high when Dr. Blue visits a cattle ranch to castrate five adult bulls; Dr. Ross treats a hen with an injury; a puppy needs a serious surgery after being hit by a car.
airs in 2 days
Dr. Lavigne performs a doggy nose job to help a pug with bad breathing problems; Dr. Blue urgently treats Hardtime, a dog who's facing hard times battling heart disease; an opossum with a traumatic injury needs Dr. Ross's help.
VOD available
A chicken is rushed to Dr. Ross after being attacked by a coyote; a Great Dane mix has a seizure; Dr. Lavigne uncovers multiple issues; a surprise serenade at the clinic musically inspires Dr. Blue.
VOD available
Bubby Cook, a beloved Basset Hound, has a condition that could complicate surgery for Dr. Ross; Dr. Blue has a hog house call; Dr. Lavigne has concerns over his vet tech assisting with an operation on her own dog; a blackout creates chaos at Cy-Fair.
VOD available
The doctors visit their alma mater for a class reunion and become professors for a day; a shih tzu is rushed to the clinic after swallowing a large piece of rawhide, while the owner of a pit bull with a deformed leg must consider drastic surgery.
VOD available
Dr. Blue flies into action when a rottweiler in labor gets rushed into the hospital with two puppies stuck inside her; the three vets grab the reins and their cowboy hats to ride horseback into town for Houston's biggest rodeo parade.
VOD available
Dr. Blue discovers a huge problem for a paralyzed Yorkie; Dr. Ross takes care of a pair of post-scuffle roosters, before joining Dr. Lavigne on a hyena consultation; the Lavigne family hosts a dinner party showcasing Anne's cooking skills.
VOD available
Dr. Ross and vet tech Kyerra race to save a stray cat horrifically mangled by a car engine; the Rosses move into their new home while Dr. Blue treats a 700-pound arthritic pig; Dr. Lavigne hears a rescue Chihuahua's incredible story.
VOD available
The doctors all want to be the one who goes to a vet conference in San Diego; Dr. Ross treats a young kinkajou, while Dr. Blue treats a Min Pin's drop-dead breath; Dr. Lavigne suspects a cat has a contagious disease.
VOD available
Dr. Ross goes to surgery when constipation becomes serious for a tegu lizard; Dr. Blue treats a boxer that can barely breathe; the doctors help a baby alpaca in distress and are given VIP access to a special event as a thank you.
VOD available
The doctors prepare to open a new clinic but are apprehensive about a promise they made to each other regarding the event; Dr. Ross tends to a frizzle hen's eye problem; Dr. Blue is alarmed by a bulldog's burst mammary gland.

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