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Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

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Jeff Young has 80,000 friends in Denver. That's about the number of clients -- people and their pets -- he serves as the popular owner/lead veterinarian of Planned Pethood Plus, one of the busiest animal clinics in the U.S. This poignant series reveals some of the riveting cases that Dr. Jeff and his team of 30 veterinary experts respond to with precision, compassion and speed in an often tense, chaotic atmosphere. The staff juggles routine pet visits with several dozen daily crucial surgeries and emergencies. For animals in need outside of the clinic, Dr. Jeff finds time to take his services on the road, visiting farm and ranch animals in far-reaching communities and reservations within Colorado, neighboring states and beyond.

Latest episodes

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Dr. Jeff helps a puppy with a mysterious and painful injury; Shelter volunteers drive from Kansas hoping Dr. Jeff's team can save a tiny rescued dog hit by a car; the team travels to Tennessee to help Jeff's cousin provide free vet care.
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Dr. Jeff and his team head to a remote town to provide low-cost pet care; Dr. Petra performs life-saving surgery on a basset hound hit by a car; a cat with plenty of attitude needs Dr. Amy to treat his mysterious wound.
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Dr. Jeff treats a couple's cherished bloodhound puppy that won't eat; Dr. Petra races to save a cat after it swallows a handful of hair ties; Dr. Jeff and Hector head out to a veteran's ranch to help a baby therapy yak.
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Dr. Jeff returns from a free vet care clinic with a dog who was hit by a car; the owner of a kitten with suspected ringworm gets more than she bargained for; Dr. Jeff treats a family dog with a mysterious lump; Dr. Baier falls for a rescued puppy.
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Dr. Jeff helps a beloved German Shepherd walk again; the team tries to rescue a scared dog on the loose outside the clinic; Dr. Don must move fast when a family cat eats poison; Dr. Jeff and Hector head for the mountains to help two rescued camels.
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Dr. Jeff and Hector help 40 miniature Australian shepherds rescued from a puppy mill; vet tech Christine turns to Dr. Jeff when her elderly Chihuahua has trouble walking; Dr. Jeff is called out to treat an alpaca with a serious infection.
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Dr. Jeff gives hope to a concerned owner when their dog is diagnosed with cancer; the team cares for a litter of abandoned kittens; Dr. Amy solves the mystery of a beloved cat's painful injury; Dr. Jeff and Hector help a rescued tiger find love.
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Dr. Jeff treats a skittish Savannah cat with an unusual condition; Dr. Amy helps a beloved dog who was injured chasing a coyote; the team tries to find the owners of a dog rescued on the highway.
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Dr. Jeff helps a dog with a serious illness; Mel and her daughter rescue a baby squirrel; Dr. Jeff and Dr. Petra team up to save a beloved cat hit by a car; Dr. Baier gives a rabbit owner a surprise; a tiny dog with a big spirit needs a home.
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A dog is lost during a windstorm; Dr. Baier treats a small bird that has a big personality; a paralyzed dog is abandoned; an alligator is injured in a fight.
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Dr. Jeff treats a dog with a mysterious injury; Dr. Petra helps vet tech Jes' Dalmatian after it eats something toxic; a neglected turtle needs a new home, and the team falls in love with a litter of stray kittens.
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A girl hopes Dr. Jeff can save her puppy from a deadly virus; a stray cat with a life-threatening injury; Dr. Jeff must gain the trust of rescued wolves to help an ailing member of the pack.
aired 30 days ago
Dr. Jeff operates on a dog rushed to the clinic after a growth on her neck ruptures; a family brings in a rabbit with mysterious growths on its side; the team performs a risky procedure on a pair of rescued miniature donkeys.
aired 32 days ago
Denver's busiest vet returns in a new clinic with more patients than ever before; Dr. Jeff fights to help a dog walk again; Dr. Amy operates on a cat with a strange appetite; the team heads out to a sanctuary to help an injured tiger.
aired 34 days ago
Dr. Jeff tries his best to suppress news that he has a serious medical issue as he performs complex surgery on an internally bleeding puppy; the team races to fix a young dog's badly broken leg after a car hits it.
aired 68 days ago
In Denver, the vets treat a cat named Byron who has been mysteriously losing weight; Bear the dog is treated for injuries after being hit by a car.
aired 69 days ago
Dr. Baier races to save a young couple's cat after it is hit by a truck; Dr. Don operates on a basset hound with an unusual appetite; Dr. Jeff and his team head to Mexico to provide desperately needed vet care to the community.
aired 72 days ago
When Dr. Jeff examines a beloved Weimaraner who has stopped eating, he makes a surprising discovery; Dr. Baier investigates the cause of a pet rabbit's mysterious fur loss; a servicewoman asks Dr. Jeff for help with her Pit Bull's injured leg.
airs in 10 days
Dr. Baier treats a dog who stops eating; Dr. Amy tackles complex surgery to help a feisty cat; a Weimaraner with a life-threatening condition needs an urgent procedure; the team head downtown to run a free vet clinic for the homeless.
airs in 8 days
Dr. Jeff performs surgery on Slash, a dog who can't keep his food down and weighs 20 pounds less than he should; Winter the cat has a bloody wound on his side.
airs in 5 days
Dr. Jeff must perform a rare surgery to save a pup with a deadly illness; a young pregnant woman counts on Dr. Amy to help her badly injured cat; Dr. Jeff and the team head to a wildlife sanctuary to treat a pride of lions.

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On the Hawaiian island of Kauai, people in need of medical care for their pets often turn to Dr. Scott Sims. The owner of Pegasus Veterinary Clinic, located in his Kilauea home, Dr. Sims and assistants Dia and Ella keep busy treating a wide variety of domestic and wild animals. He makes "house" calls, too -- on beaches and mountainsides, in the water and jungle -- traversing wild, rural and oceanic Kauai topography. "Aloha Vet" profiles a man whose phone is rarely silent. With a heart of gold, Dr. Sims works long hours helping animals that walk, crawl, fly and swim.
From the creators of the real-time law enforcement series "Live PD" comes a version for animal lovers. It captures the fast-paced drama and intensity of a hospital procedural mixed with the unbreakable bonds between pets and their owners. Host Mark Steines ("Entertainment Tonight") is joined by veterinary experts in the studio to guide viewers through each episode, giving commentary on what is seen at featured animal hospitals and mobile vet clinics around the country. Cameras trail teams of emergency veterinarians and specialists as they work tirelessly through the night to save the lives of pets. The series also accompanies on-call vets to homes and farms to treat animals that are too sick or too big to travel.
Making house calls in the far reaches of Northern Canada is a daunting task in the least, considering the houses may be separated by hundreds of miles. That challenge doesn't stop Dr. Michelle Oakley from performing her many duties as a veterinarian in one of the most rugged environments on Earth. In addition to running an animal clinic out of her home in Haines Junction, Yukon -- where she lives with husband Shane and their three daughters -- Dr. Oakley also operates a satellite clinic 150 miles away and is the on-call vet for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, which is about 100 miles from Haines Junction. She also makes house calls, sometimes driving for long stretches through desolate wilderness to check on a patient. This series documents how Dr. Oakley juggles being a full-time vet, wife and mom, and does so with a sense of humor and devotion.
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Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick is one of England's top veterinarians. This series showcases Fitzpatrick and his staff treating hard-to-cure ailments with innovative care and surgical techniques. The program gives the often emotional stories of pets, owners and the passionate team that pushes boundaries of medicine to save animals from life-threatening conditions. Nicknamed the Bionic Vet, Fitzpatrick employs more than 100 people at his neurosurgery and orthopedic clinic in Surrey, England.
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine opens its doors, allowing viewers exclusive access to follow first-year students mastering the basics, and fourth-year students handling difficult cases from hamsters to horses. The documentary series shows the blood, sweat and tears required to become a licensed vet, beginning with a mountain of information that students must digest, commit to memory and recall at a moment's notice. Then it's on to tasks like restraining animals, repairing fractures, inserting pacemakers, and removing abscesses, before the chaos of emergency room procedures are introduced.