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The Twilight Zone

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"The Twilight Zone" was the brainchild of Emmy Award-winner Rod Serling, who served as host and wrote over 80 episodes of the original show's 150-plus episode run. It's a strange mix of horror, science-fiction, drama, comedy and superstition. Serling introduced each episode, and many of the black and white hours concluded with a surprise ending. Actors such as Burt Reynolds, Roddy McDowell and Robert Redford made appearances in some of the more well-known stories.

Latest episodes

aired 1 day ago
The morning after a wild party, a couple wakes up in a totally unfamiliar and artificial place.
aired 23 days ago
Two children follow a make-believe friend into a happier world.
aired 29 days ago
A man resolves to make his plant the most automated manufacturing establishment in the world.
aired 30 days ago
The man who tries to con the people of Happiness, Ariz., is in for a big shock.
aired 32 days ago
A World War II veteran and a Japanese-American are trapped in the veteran's attic.
aired 32 days ago
An assassin plots a unique death for a defector (Martin Landau).
aired 33 days ago
A down-at-the heels ventriloquist is the victim of both his gangster-like dummy and a strangely evil little girl.
aired 34 days ago
A folk singer goes into the backwoods to find a song that will bring him commercial success.
aired 35 days ago
An ugly duckling can be stunning in a world of beautiful people.
aired 35 days ago
On the morning that a man is to hang for killing one of his bigoted neighbors, the townspeople find themselves thrown into an unending night.
aired 35 days ago
A dying man forces his heirs to wear masks at a Mardi Gras party to receive their inheritance.
aired 35 days ago
A man (William Demarest) sees himself on television, killing his wife (Joan Blondell).
aired 35 days ago
The everlasting youth of a movie star arouses the curiosity of a magazine writer.
aired 35 days ago
Ambrose Bierce relates the tale of a Confederate soldier's execution at the end of the Civil War.
aired 36 days ago
While horseback riding, a wealthy girl is nearly run down by another woman, who chases her.
aired 36 days ago
A computer expert is called in to work on the world's most advanced computer, which has the soul of a jealous woman.
aired 37 days ago
Tough aliens from outer space try to poison the population of earth.
aired 37 days ago
Salvadore Ross trades physical characteristics with others to win the affection of Leah Maitland.
aired 39 days ago
A man (John McGiver) who enjoys loud noises is driven crazy when trivial sounds become deafening to him.
aired 41 days ago
An astronaut (Richard Basehart) learns war has killed his people.
aired 42 days ago
An old man in a cave offers guidance to survivors of a nuclear-war apocalypse, but their orderly world is shattered by the arrival of four soldiers.

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