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The Outer Limits

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In the tradition of the 1960s cult show of the same name, this anthology series features different actors, many well-known from their previous work, in each episode. The episodes often explore eerie and often supernatural themes with a science-fiction element.

Latest episodes

aired 112 days ago
After recovering from a near-fatal head injury, a woman realizes her body is being taken over by a second brain -- the remnants of a Siamese twin that was absorbed into her body.
aired 113 days ago
A mysterious stranger who claims to have a piece of an alien spaceship causes paranoia and chaos at a UFO convention.
aired 114 days ago
Two lovers living in an oppressive future society try to connect even though they've only seen each other as holograms.
aired 115 days ago
A man builds a robot to replace his deceased son. With Joel Grey, Mikela J. Mikael, Cathy Weseluck and Hiro Kanagawa.
aired 116 days ago
A small-town vet probes links between fast-breeding tumors and genetically engineered corn.
aired 119 days ago
A blind man regains his sight, discovering he can see an alien woman who is invisible to others. With Mackenzie Astin, Rebecca Jenkins, Obba Babatunde, Clarie Rankin and Peter Wingfield.
aired 120 days ago
Traveling forward in time, a scientist discovers his wife has been murdered and he is the prime suspect.
aired 121 days ago
A rescue crew starts going suicidally insane after boarding a derelict interplanetary battleship. With Michael Chanks, Brad Johnson, Sara Deakins and Ty Olsson.
aired 122 days ago
A man finds a device that allows him to change his image. With Adam Goldberg, Christina Cox, Antonio Sabato, Deanna Milligan and Linden Banks.
aired 123 days ago
A mysterious stranger arrives in a small town bearing weapons that turn people into killing machines.
aired 126 days ago
A man convicted of murder tries to prove his innocence while being hunted by the victim's sister on a top-rated TV show.
aired 127 days ago
A detective investigates which one of two unusual suspects has committed a series of murders, and whether they are even human.
aired 128 days ago
Cosmic "Casablanca" tale of a cynical cafe owner who encounters an old flame in a world dominated by alien invaders.
aired 129 days ago
A man tries to rescue his grandfather from a rest home where a doctor is conducting sinister brain experiments.
aired 130 days ago
Neglected by his father, a boy (Adam Hann-Byrd) finds comfort with an alien whose spaceship crash-lands on Earth. With Chris Potter, Daniel Hugh Kelly and Linda Boyd.
aired 133 days ago
An agent assigned to nab a doctor illegally peddling a drug that can bring the dead back to life becomes hooked on it himself.
aired 134 days ago
Killed when a meteor explodes over their city, three people come back to life as geniuses with a single mission.
aired 135 days ago
While trying to open a controlled wormhole, a scientist (Kevin Nealon) becomes caught in a time loop. With Ronny Cox.
aired 136 days ago
A high-tech building malfunctions disastrously, compelling its previously isolated inhabitants to work together to get free.
aired 140 days ago
After injecting himself with primitive DNA, a mild-mannered professor becomes bold and powerful. With Leland Orser, Jenny Levine and Greg Thirloway.
aired 141 days ago
Negotiators for Earth and Gregocia, a planet inhabited by a genetically engineered race, try to build trust after a summit goes wrong.

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