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The Outer Limits

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In the tradition of the 1960s cult show of the same name, this anthology series features different actors, many well-known from their previous work, in each episode. The episodes often explore eerie and often supernatural themes with a science-fiction element.

Latest episodes

aired 3 days ago
Thoughts of alien abduction continue to torment a troubled patient undergoing therapy at a medical institute.
aired 4 days ago
A doctor (Mark Hamill) uses his revolutionary virtual-reality device to enter the mind of a comatose colleague. Also starring Debrah Farentino and Peter Breck.
aired 5 days ago
A persistent reporter latches onto the trail of a deadly stranger after she overhears a message on her cellular phone.
aired 6 days ago
Two expectant parents who desire a perfect child opt for an illegal and risky procedure designed to genetically enhance their baby.
aired 7 days ago
Two androids (Nick Mancuso, Heather Graham) try revitalizing mankind after biological warfare eliminates all human life on Earth. With Dana Ashbrook.
aired 10 days ago
An FBI agent's investigation of a baffling 30-year string of murders leads her to a doctor's laboratory.
aired 11 days ago
A man with strong military connections tries to convince a powerful committee that aliens are trying to take over the human race.
aired 12 days ago
Following a press conference, Sen. Richard Adams is involved in a serious car accident and his doctor discovers he is an alien.
aired 13 days ago
A haunted house develops an appetite for a grieving mother (Alberta Watson) and a scientific researcher (Dwight Schultz).
aired 14 days ago
A humanoid robot (Jake McKinnon) is accused of murdering its creator; with Leonard Nimoy, Cyndy Preston; directed by Adam Nimoy.
aired 17 days ago
A woman who has been deaf since birth receives coded messages from aliens after having a revolutionary device implanted in her ear.
aired 18 days ago
A scientist's experimental potion yields disastrous results when his close friend decides to test it upon himself.
aired 19 days ago
Astronauts (Matt Craven, Jay O. Sanders, Michael Dorn) returning from Mars carry an alien in their craft.
aired 20 days ago
An alien presence invades the body of a chaste woman, forcing her to crave sex and prey on willing partners.
aired 21 days ago
A fighter pilot is taken prisoner during an intergalactic war and locked in a cell with a woman who is being transformed into an alien.
aired 24 days ago
Aliens teach a bitter, greedy man (Frank Whaley) how to treat humanity after his release from prison. With Rebecca DeMornay, John Savage.
aired 25 days ago
The crew members of a commercial space transport vessel become distressed when their ship drops into a black void and encounters two other vessels.
aired 26 days ago
A little girl's (Colleen Rennison) bizarre claim of a bogeyman is the only clue in a search for her missing brother. With Laura Bruneau, Timothy Busfield, Barbara Williams.
aired 27 days ago
A disillusioned priest (Len Cariou) is approached by three aliens who claim they want to help mankind. With Chris Sarandon, Justin Louis, Bill Croft, Callum Keith Rennie.
aired 28 days ago
An armed robber's 35-year-old victim learns his only chance of survival is to have an experimental chip implanted in his brain.
aired 31 days ago
A billionaire's ambitious dreams of power are fueled by a graduate student's accidental discovery of time travel.

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