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Exploring new destinations around the globe and uncovering hidden sides to some of the world's favorite holiday hotspots.

Latest episodes

aired 20 days ago
Rajan Datar heads into the Arabian Desert to explore a hidden city that's laid relatively untouched for thousands of years.
aired 27 days ago
The team are on the Turkish coast where Mike Corey explores a sunken airliner, one of several scuttled in recent years as part of efforts to create artificial reefs.
aired 34 days ago
Twenty-five years after the devastating genocide in Rwanda, it now has one of the fastest-growing tourism economies in the world. Lucy Hedges sets off on a trekking expedition to find gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park and meet the rangers and vets involved in protecting the species. She also mounts an e-bike and cycles across the country of a thousand hills, completing her journey on Lake Kivu, one of Africa's Great Lakes.
aired 57 days ago
Mike Corey travels across Malaysia's biggest state, Sarawak. He ventures deep into the Bornean rainforest; hanging out with some orang-utans at a former rehabilitation centre, climbing jagged peaks at Gunung Mulu National Park and exploring Pesta Nukenen, one of the world's most remote food festivals.
aired 113 days ago
The team explores how Hokkaido's indigenous culture has fused with traditions brought from the mainland during the 150 years since Japan annexed the island.
aired 279 days ago
Ade Adepitan is in Morocco to find out why Marrakesh is fast becoming a destination for lovers of Modern African Art; Carmen Roberts' high speed challenge takes her to Yokohama.
aired 286 days ago
In France, Christa Larwood goes behind the scenes at Notre-Dame Cathedral to discover how time has taken its toll on the historic building, and investigates how online crowd-funding communities are working hard to help save it.
aired 293 days ago
Lucy Hedges is in Tignes in the French Alps looking at how ski resorts are tackling climate change; a roundup of some of the best mountain festivals; tips on rail travel in central Europe.
aired 300 days ago
The fate of working animals in Morocco's tourist trade; African Americans whose old travel stories helped shape a Hollywood film; a rafting trip near one of the world's highest border crossings.
aired 307 days ago
Carmen Roberts heads to Taiwan where she explores the Chinese treasures on display at Taipei's National Palace Museum.
aired 314 days ago
Blind backpacker Tony Giles treks through Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Palestine, experiencing the world without being able to see it.
aired 321 days ago
Mike Corey explores the role of nature on the people of Kazakhstan, including how ancient shamanic beliefs worshiping nature are undergoing a resurgence.
aired 328 days ago
Ade Adepitan takes a look back at a year full of adventure on The Travel Show in this final programme of 2018.
aired 377 days ago
The team heads to Scapa Flow in Scotland to join divers taking tourists underwater to explore the wrecks of a scuppered German fleet; archaeologists and chefs in Spain revive an ancient fish sauce long preserved in Roman amphorae.
aired 384 days ago
Carmen Roberts visits Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan, where she explores a fort originally built by Dutch traders in the 17th century, before heading to Kaohsiung.
aired 391 days ago
Christa Larwood takes a musical journey from Oslo to Bergen along one of the world's must stunning rail lines, the Bergensbanen, looking into the roots of Norway's music to get a sense of how its landscapes, culture and society are brought to life.
aired 398 days ago
Christa Larwood explores some of London's best and unusual buildings during Open House weekend. It's purists versus hipsters at the Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge-Making Championships, plus the team go to the Faroe Islands.
aired 470 days ago
As Mauritius celebrates its 50th year of independence, Rajan Datar travels to this Indian Ocean island to explore the legacy of slavery in Mauritius, to see and taste how multiculturalism works there, and to visit a unique conservation project.
aired 636 days ago
Exploring new destinations around the globe and uncovering hidden sides to some of the world's favorite holiday hotspots.
aired 650 days ago
Mike Corey visits a Mexican theme park that recreates what it's like to illegally cross the US border; Simon Calder has solutions to all your travel problems; and the team visit the Danish fishing port with a big artistic heritage.
aired 657 days ago
Rajan Datar is in Abu Dhabi exploring both its urban and desert landscapes; on his journey, he visits the new Louvre museum and finds out how traditional local music instruments are being revived.

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