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Internet and new media technology.

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`Click' is in Bangladesh to see how global advances in automation technology could impact the lives of millions of garment factory workers in the next few years.
aired 8 days ago
The coronavirus pandemic has hit emergency services hard, not only are they being stretched thin, but their ability to train in face-to-face sessions has been affected. Click takes a look at how virtual reality is being used to solve this problem by transporting them to the digital world.
aired 15 days ago
Click reveals the discovery of one of the largest collections of material belonging to the so-called Islamic State group ever found on the internet.
aired 22 days ago
This year we come from V&A Dundee where we hear about the region's pivotal role in video games, drink water from a pollution sucking car and have a visit from NASA.
aired 29 days ago
From a `Battery Mountain' to sucking carbon out of the air, take a look at some of the best sustainable tech from the recent past.
aired 36 days ago
Click looks at the tech rivalry between China and the West, finding out what has caused the ban on Huawei's 5G equipment. We also visit a research lab in Edinburgh developing tech.
aired 43 days ago
Click chats to the President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, about the ethical implications of technology. We also see how the internet is being used to encourage activism in Hong Kong.
aired 50 days ago
In a special investigation, Click looks at how social media influencers are getting away with promoting knock-off goods, and the shadowy figures making millions through them.
aired 57 days ago
Like many businesses, the pandemic has impacted social media influencers. With their incomes dwindling, many have taken to promoting knock-off goods to hundreds of millions of followers. In a special investigation, Click looks at how influencers are getting away with it and lifts the curtain on the shadowy figures making millions through them.
aired 71 days ago
The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge increase in bike and e-bike sales. Click looks at the latest e-bikes, and shows how you can turn your own regular bike into one.
aired 77 days ago
Click looks at whether VR could replace video calls for meetings and communication. Plus the role that TikTok may play in the upcoming US Presidential election.
aired 84 days ago
As the UK's hospitality industry prepares to reopen, we ask whether the service industry will be forever changed by Covid 19.
VOD available
Click talks to actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt about the impact the pandemic has had on Hollywood.
VOD available
With many retailers beginning to emerge from lockdown and open their doors to customers Click looks at the technology that will allow us to stay safe as we shop.
VOD available
The future of working from home, and how video games can help to ease the isolation; how tech is being used to try to save koalas in Australia.
aired 119 days ago
Corona virus misinformation and the AI tools that could help track its spread and find new treatments.
aired 127 days ago
Click looks at how people with disabilities are dealing with lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, speaking to Microsoft's head of accessibility among others. The team are also in Australia to see how technology is being used to save the koala.
aired 133 days ago
Click looks at coronavirus testing procedures in Iceland and asks whether biometric bracelets might help to 're-open' society. The team also looks at resources to help with your mental health during lockdown and presents the latest video-gaming news.
aired 147 days ago
An exploration of the rise of online disinformation during the coronavirus pandemic, and also looks at the difficulties of dating during lockdown.
aired 154 days ago
A look at the apps helping people to volunteer during the coronavirus crisis; asking whether more support for the elderly can be done virtually.
aired 168 days ago
"Click" celebrates its 20th anniversary with a look at the biggest inventions from the last 20 years in tech.

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