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Internet and new media technology.

Latest episodes

airs in 1 day
As the UK's hospitality industry prepares to reopen, we ask whether the service industry will be forever changed by Covid 19.
airs today
`Click' is in Bangladesh to see how global advances in automation technology could impact the lives of millions of garment factory workers in the next few years.
aired 7 days ago
Click talks to actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt about the impact the pandemic has had on Hollywood. Also, we explore how instagram stars are reacting to lockdown conditions.
aired 14 days ago
With many retailers beginning to emerge from lockdown and open their doors to customers Click looks at the technology that will allow us to stay safe as we shop.
aired 28 days ago
A look at the future of working from home and how video games could help to ease the isolation of lockdown. We also find out how tech is being used to try to save koalas in Australia.
aired 34 days ago
Corona virus misinformation and the AI tools that could help track its spread and find new treatments.
aired 42 days ago
Click looks at how people with disabilities are dealing with lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, speaking to Microsoft's head of accessibility among others. The team are also in Australia to see how technology is being used to save the koala.
aired 48 days ago
Click looks at coronavirus testing procedures in Iceland and asks whether biometric bracelets might help to 're-open' society. The team also looks at resources to help with your mental health during lockdown and presents the latest video-gaming news.
aired 62 days ago
An exploration of the rise of online disinformation during the coronavirus pandemic, and also looks at the difficulties of dating during lockdown.
VOD available
A look at the apps helping people to volunteer during the coronavirus crisis; asking whether more support for the elderly can be done virtually.
VOD available
"Click" celebrates its 20th anniversary with a look at the biggest inventions from the last 20 years in tech.
aired 90 days ago
As the world tries to deal with the coronavirus pandemic Click is looking at the tech that could help to alleviate the shortage of ventilators.
aired 99 days ago
Internet and new media technology.
aired 102 days ago
From Huawei to Drone delivery and self driving cars to quantum computing, the US and China are battling to control the next wave of technology innovation.
aired 104 days ago
The most anticipated video game of the last decade finally gets its release in March 2020, but it won't be playable on any of the games consoles. Half-Life: Alyx can only be played using virtual reality kit, its developers Valve have created a unique experience, a full-length blockbuster video game in VR. The Half-Life franchise is one of the biggest and most influential in videogame history. Releasing this latest edition as a VR-only title will likely reinvigorate the virtual reality industry.
aired 182 days ago
This year we come from V&A Dundee where we hear about the region's pivotal role in video games, drink water from a pollution sucking car and have a visit from NASA.
aired 185 days ago
It's the Clickmas Special with bags of seasonal tech fun - we hear from Tim Peake on the year in Space and pitch man vs robot to see who's the fastest driver around an F1 circuit.
aired 259 days ago
Investigating if electric cars are now a credible replacement for petrol or diesel vehicles, and whether the cars offer the environmental gains their manufacturers promise.
aired 280 days ago
Technology companies have been accused of facilitating the illicit sale of drugs online; Nick Kwek heads across the Atlantic to investigate.
aired 301 days ago
A special show to celebrate the 1,000th episode of `Click', giving viewers control over what they watch.
aired 308 days ago
The team looks at the latest techniques in firefighting at the International Fire Training Centre.

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