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The Shadows of Death

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The emotional impact of a murder reverberates long after it is committed. "The Shadows of Death" explores homicide from the point of view of those who did not commit the crimes, but nonetheless feel as though they could have prevented them from taking place. Grief-stricken loved ones are haunted by guilt as they bemoan the actions they did take or failed to take. For them, they must either cave under the stress of survivor guilt or redeem themselves by coming to grips with their own involvement -- real or imagined.

Latest episodes

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After mother of three Christine Sheddy vanishes without a trace, police believe she has left of her own volition, but her mother, Lynn, knows she would never abandon her children; as the case goes cold, Lynn vows to find Christine, whatever it takes.
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Doris Bradley moves her family to the idyllic small town of Spring Valley, Ill., to escape the violence of Chicago; after Doris' 16-year-old daughter, Diamond, disappears, she fears the worst.
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The Shahanazari family immigrates from Iran to Glendale, Calif., in search of a better life; when the youngest son, Christopher, is murdered in a violent home invasion, his older brother, Sevan, fears he himself is to blame.
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Debra Coffey and Melissa Lewis are best friends who work together at a prestigious law firm in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; when Melissa is found murdered in a canal, Debra is consumed with guilt as a dark secret is revealed.
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Debbie Smith receives a call saying her son, Matthew, has died at college; as police investigate the circumstances surrounding his death, they discover that it wasn't an accident and that those closest to him may be to blame.
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When Pastor Remington is gunned down in broad daylight at his church in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, police launch a massive manhunt to stop the shooter before he strikes again; across town, the Odom family fears that their missing son is in grave danger.