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Impact of Murder

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In "Impact of Murder," Investigation Discovery uses the victim impact statement as a storytelling device. These statements are delivered in court allowing a family member or friend to describe the impact of a crime. They are a source of strength for those who feel helpless in the face of a senseless crime, and they help crime victims recover from the collateral damage inflicted, giving them a sense of power as they stand up in court to address the perpetrator. Through the victim's words, viewers come to understand the emotional damage endured as well as the significance of the life that was taken.

Latest episodes

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Charisse Christopher escapes her abusive husband and creates a safe home for her young children; several months later, the police are summoned to Charisse's apartment where they find a horrific crime scene which isn't quite what it seems.
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After Shirlee Sherman, 57, and Thomas Hunter, 11, are found stabbed to death in an upscale home in Omaha, Neb., suspects and clues are in short supply; it will take detectives five years to zero in on a perpetrator, but not before he kills again.
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College athlete Kayleigh Ballantyne is violently attacked while returning home one night; as she battles for her life, she is unaware that elsewhere in the city an investigation is already underway following the discovery of a young woman's body.
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It was an ordinary day at Chardon High School in Ohio, full of the fights, laughs and boisterous behavior that fill the corridors of any high school; then, all that changes when one young man shows up with violence on his mind.
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Billy Frietag is a free-spirited young man who works on his family's farm during the warm-weather months and travels when it's cold; tragically, it's his openness and generosity that lead to strange set of events culminating in his murder.
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After her abusive husband moves out, Amanda Storms is grateful for the help of friend Andrew Shepherd until a night of violence turns their worlds upside down.