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The Last 24

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Investigators reconstruct the tragic final hours in a murder victim's life in order to crack the case and find the killer.

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A double homicide in New York City soon becomes a media circus when investigators reveal the two victims led a secret life; as the list of suspects grows, it's a call from the victims' home that may provide the only link to the killer.
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A successful vacuum salesman is gunned down outside his Indiana office; as detectives untangle the victims' final 24 hours, all the clues point to a hired hit.
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When a woman is murdered in her Alabama home, investigators receive a lead pointing to a high-profile suspect, but it will take a decade before their circumstantial murder case has enough substance to go to trial.
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In an affluent Atlanta suburb, a young boy is stabbed 18 times when he returns home from school, and his mother's lifeless body is discovered in her bedroom; a neighbor's chilling story points police toward a psychopath.
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When Diane Holik's body is discovered in her Texas home, detectives are faced with one of the most pristine crime scenes they've ever encountered; they unearth multiple suspects, but only the victim's reconstructed timeline can identify the killer.
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In rural Michigan, 34-year-old Deborah Boothby is run over on the highway, but the case goes unsolved for nine years; then, detectives review the evidence, and the hit-and-run cold case becomes a murder investigation.
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A man comes home to find his fiancée dead in the bedroom of their new home; the discovery of infidelity soon puts him firmly in the hot seat; as investigators piece together the victim's final 24 hours, they uncover a sinister plot.

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Police reconstruct the life of the murder victim piece by piece in order to uncover the shocking truth.
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What lurks in the shadows during graveyard shifts comes to light in this series, a quintessential Investigation Discovery offering that features nail-biting re-enactments of actual crimes in which darkness hides predators hungry for a midnight snack. Told through interviews with victims' family members and law enforcement, each story begins after a brutal crime is committed in the quiet of the night, and community members are left wondering who might be next. Investigators get to work, knowing that each time the sun sets, the body count might rise.