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The wealthy Quartermaine family continues to be a looming presence in the town of Port Charles, with interests in much of the city's business. Characters come and go, but viewers can always count on at least one Quartermaine or Spencer to create havoc.

Latest episodes

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Carly encourages Jason to find out everything he can; Drew is put in an uncomfortable situation; Diane relays a particularly audacious announcement; Ava takes care of Kiki; Sonny puts his trust in Griffin.
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Nelle thinks quickly on her feet; Michael gets an unsettling phone call; Anna pays a visit to Andre; Alexis is a ball of nerves; Ava lashes out at Griffin.
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Sam lays into Jason; Sonny and Carly reminisce; Ava looks forward to her time with Griffin; Spinelli steps in to help Kiki; Curtis surprises Jordan.
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Michael takes Jason's words to heart; Ava is concerned; Jake puts Jason on the spot; Franco is put on notice; Drew learns something new.
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Anna and Felicia commiserate; Drew questions Franco; Finn seeks legal advice; Oscar tries to get one over on Kim; Julian throws a bone.
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Valentin stays by Nina's side; Franco has a moment with Obrecht; Peter's curiosity is piqued; Dante offers his support; Lulu is stunned.
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Anna is in denial; Drew pushes back; Sam asks for a favor; Carly vents her frustrations; Drew is troubled.
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Peter bumps into Lulu; Alexis turns to Sam for help; Neds words are impactful; Julian declines an offer; Jim Harvey continues to make waves.
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Curtis and Jordan team up; Alexis and Finn bond; Julian is pestered; Anna continues her investigation; Robin reads between the lines.
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Sam confesses; Ava is unable to help herself; Carly warns Jason not to give up; Michael is grateful; Franco confides in Kevin.
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Drew's temper gets the best of him; Sonny confides in Jason; Ava makes Kiki feel uncomfortable.
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Things don't go as planned for Jason; Anna receives disappointing news; Sonny gets a disturbing phone call.

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