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This travel series helps tourists experience cities as if they were locals, showcasing the sights of some of the world's most-popular tourist destinations with globe-trotting celebrities, who know the places well, serving as tour guides. Episodes follow celebrities to their favorite towns, where they tell viewers the best things to do, food to eat, and places to visit. Among the famous tour guides are "The Soup" host Joel McHale hitting the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, "Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari visiting Paris, and comic Aisha Tyler taking viewers to Kingston, Jamaica.

Latest episodes

aired 547 days ago
Actress Rashida Jones travels to London, where she reconnects with friends, enjoys coffee and cocktails, and visits a unique museum exhibit.
aired 554 days ago
Comic/actor Aziz Ansari travels to Hong Kong, where he dines on snake soup, attends a horse race, and meets a mysterious fortuneteller.
aired 623 days ago
Spanish chef José Andrés travels to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he roasts a pig in the mountains, drinks with the locals and dances the salsa in the streets.
aired 708 days ago
Actor Zachary Levi samples the joys of New Orleans.
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Actor Ryan Kwanten enjoys a classic cheeseburger, a custom tequila cocktail and the pleasures of sand and sea as he spends a weekend in Los Angeles.
aired 781 days ago
Grammy-winning hip-hop artist/actress Eve travels to Kingston, Jamaica, where she samples street food with the world's fastest women and records a new reggae song.
aired 802 days ago
Model Chrissy Teigen travels to Thailand, where she gets in a few rounds of Muay Thai, eats at a highly acclaimed restaurant, and risks life and limb on a motorized rickshaw.
aired 816 days ago
Director Paul Feig travels to Boston, where he zips around on a speedboat, takes part in a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party, and explores the city's food and drink scene.
aired 823 days ago
Actor-comic Adam Pally and four friends spend a weekend partying in Las Vegas; Dr. Jason Burke and the staff of Hangover Heaven are called upon to revitalize the gang.
aired 865 days ago
Music artist Yasiin Bey tours Morocco and finds inspiration in creative legacies both old and modern.
aired 871 days ago
Actor/comic siblings Seth and Josh Meyers travel to Amsterdam, where they explore Dutch gastronomic traditions, sample fried food from a vending machine, and play bocce with a hip-hop star.
aired 878 days ago
Actor Josh Gad travels to New York City, where he takes in a new Broadway play, samples classic food staples, and explores Central Park.
aired 885 days ago
TV personality Joel McHale visits Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he samples the local whiskey, buys a fancy wardrobe, goes golfing, and takes a spin in a DeLorean.
aired 892 days ago
Comic/actress Jenny Slate experiences the many one-of-a-kind offerings to be found in Barcelona, Spain.
aired 899 days ago
Actor Kyle MacLachlan enjoys wine, oysters and steak in Napa Valley, and tries his hand at other activities not usually associated with the area.
aired 913 days ago
Actress/comic Aisha Tyler enjoys French cuisine and once-outlawed cocktails during her trip to Paris.
aired 920 days ago
Comic actor Jack McBrayer reconnects with old friends on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, learns to play the ukulele, and gets hula lessons.
aired 927 days ago
Comedy partners and screenwriters Nat Faxon and Jim Rash travel to Tokyo to experience the many wonders of the world's largest metropolis.
aired 948 days ago
Actor David Koechner travels to Ireland, where he enjoys Guinness and whiskey, learns how to "Riverdance," samples blood pudding, and experiences the sport of hurling.

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