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The Fugitive

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Dr. Richard Kimble is wrongly convicted for the murder of his beloved wife. Kimble, determined to track down the real killer, escapes from custody following a train crash while being transported to death row. What follows is a game of cat-and-mouse -- for both the true murderer and the good doctor. But while Kimble searches for the real killer, the authorities -- notably Lt. Philip Gerard -- are on the hunt for him.

Latest episodes

aired 263 days ago
The mystery of the death of Richard Kimble's wife is fully raveled in a final confrontation. Conclusion of the series.
aired 264 days ago
Lt. Gerard tries to capture Kimble by planting a newspaper headline about the arrest of the one-armed man.
aired 264 days ago
A college professor (William Windom) experiments to get the one-armed man to confess; guest Geraldine Brooks.
aired 264 days ago
Wounded Kimble seeks out Sister Veronica (Eileen Heckart), who helped him two years earlier; guest Antoinette Bower.
aired 264 days ago
Kimble helps the one-armed man's girlfriend when she is hit by a car, then follows her to the hospital.
aired 264 days ago
Kimble fights the one-armed man in a warehouse and is blinded in an explosion.
aired 264 days ago
A reporter (Janice Rule) thinks she has spotted the one-armed man in a police lineup.
aired 264 days ago
Kimble seeks a sympathetic reporter's (Pat Hingle) help after hearing the one-armed man was sighted in Chicago.
aired 360 days ago
An ex-gangster (James Daly), a Thoroughbred breeder, offers Kimble anything after the doctor saves his life.
aired 360 days ago
In order to save his job as a bagman, the one-armed man hires a gunman to ambush Kimble; guest Lloyd Haynes. Directed by Mark Rydell.
aired 360 days ago
A bookmaker (Mickey Rooney) hires Kimble to help run a self-service laundry; guests Nita Talbot, Phillip Pine.
aired 360 days ago
To protect his sister (Diana Hyland), an employer (Edward Binns) decides to set the police on Kimble.

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