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The Bold and the Beautiful

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Set in the glamorous world of the Los Angeles fashion scene, this soap opera focuses on the wealthy and powerful Forrester family. Its company, Forrester Creations, is the leader in the fashion industry. Add in the machinations of rival businesses and families, and you've got a classic set-up.

Latest episodes

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Sally and Wyatt bond over their similar situations; Emma impresses Hope with her dance moves.
VOD available
Sally Spectra makes a shocking revelation to Wyatt; Liam makes a new proposal of marriage to the woman he loves.
VOD available
Liam fills Brooke in on his confrontation with Bill and his deep remorse over the situation at hand; Hope and Steffy seek closure; Hope meets baby Kelly.
VOD available
Xander has a good first impression of Emma; Thorne raises Katie's spirits by spending time with her and Will.
VOD available
Xander Avant arrives in Los Angeles and quickly must defend himself to his Uncle Julius; Wyatt and Katie share a bittersweet moment while discussing their secret relationship.
aired 8 days ago
Emma pays a visit to a family member who urges her to keep their connection a secret from the Forresters; Ridge and Brooke become frustrated when each defends their daughter to the other.
aired 11 days ago
Ridge confides in Thorne; Steffy and Hope come to terms with the status of their relationship with Liam.
aired 12 days ago
Brooke remains hopeful that Liam and Hope will overcome the obstacles they face; Liam must choose between marrying Hope and keeping his family together.
aired 13 days ago
Quinn pleads Wyatt's case to Brooke; Hope puts Liam in an impossible situation.
aired 14 days ago
Steffy and Liam fall in love when they meet their new baby girl; Liam vows to deal with Bill.
aired 15 days ago
Eric hopes the birth of the baby will help Liam find forgiveness; Steffy goes into labor.
aired 18 days ago
Ridge pleads with Liam to reunite with Steffy, as Brooke urges Hope to marry Liam quickly; Steffy goes into premature labor.
aired 19 days ago
An angry and intense Liam confronts Bill about Steffy; Steffy trips and falls after an unwelcome visit by Bill Spencer.
aired 20 days ago
Wyatt gives as good as he gets when Bill unleashes his anger, taking back everything he's been offered; Steffy and Hope argue.
aired 21 days ago
Justin takes a stand; Liam and Hope make a life-changing decision.
aired 22 days ago
Ridge demands that Katie tell him the truth; Hope is blindsided by Wyatt's secret.
aired 25 days ago
Friends and family gather as Carter begins to officiate Hope and Liam's wedding; Justin reminds Bill that Wyatt has the power to thwart his plans.
aired 26 days ago
The Logan sisters help Hope as she gets dressed on her wedding day; Steffy faults Bill for the situation she is in.
aired 27 days ago
Wyatt struggles as Katie pushes for him to conceal the truth about Steffy and Bill; Brooke and Ridge find themselves at an impasse.
aired 28 days ago
Brooke must intervene when Ridge tells Hope that her upcoming wedding is based on a lie; Steffy shares the baby name she has chosen with Liam.
aired 29 days ago
Katie feels an overwhelming sense of guilt for the advice she gave to Wyatt; Bill manipulates Liam.

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