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The A-Team

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A team of ex-special forces soldiers on the lam from the military police (even though they didn't really commit the crime for which they'd been imprisoned) leaves a trail of explosions in its wake. But Hannibal, Faceman, B.A. and Murdock always stop to help the little guy against some corrupt local bigwig before escaping the MPs once again.

Latest episodes

aired 206 days ago
Stranded on a remote island with Face and Frankie, Murdock is worshiped as a deity by Polynesian warriors.
aired 207 days ago
The team heads to Hong Kong to look for missing Hannibal and a stolen, leaking canister of plutonium; guests Soon-Teck Oh, Rosalind Chao.
aired 208 days ago
Smuggling a crooked politician into the country gets complicated when the man is Face's long-lost father.
aired 209 days ago
The team infiltrates an East Coast mob to free an undercover TV reporter from her kingpin lover.
aired 210 days ago
Stockwell orders the team to steal a Soviet stealth fighter-jet, then is kidnapped by a free-lance spy (David McCallum).
aired 211 days ago
Agents detour Murdock to South America when he embarks on a Hawaiian trip he won on "Wheel of Fortune"; guests Pat Sajak, Vanna White.
aired 213 days ago
The mob forces a children's TV-show host (Arte Johnson) to endorse cheap, unsafe Uncle Buckle-Up dolls.
aired 213 days ago
The team must free three CIA agents from a Caribbean prison before an ambitious dictator strikes a deal with the Soviet military.
aired 214 days ago
The team joins a touring pro football squad to free an East German scientist; guests Alan Autry, Jim Brown, John Matuszak, Joe Namath.
aired 215 days ago
Murdock and Frankie Santana ask Gen. Stockwell to help them rescue B.A., Hannibal and Face from a military firing squad.
aired 216 days ago
The team faces court-martial in the murder of a colonel who was cooperating with the enemy; guest David Ackroyd.
aired 217 days ago
Gen. Stockwell (Robert Vaughn) blackmails the team into rescuing hostages held on board a Mexican airliner by terrorists.
aired 219 days ago
The team journeys to a South American jungle to rescue Murdock's kidnapped therapist (Richard Anderson); guest Jeannetta Arnette.
aired 220 days ago
The search for the half-Vietnamese daughter (Tia Carrere) of Gen. Fulbright leads the team to a resourceful teenager bent on vengeance.
aired 221 days ago
A crafty mobster (Mark Lawrence) fakes his own death to avoid prison and plots to take over a town.
aired 222 days ago
A mobster, avenging his brother's death, stalks an alcoholic ex-boxer; guests Hulk Hogan, William "The Refrigerator" Perry.
aired 223 days ago
The team outmaneuvers swindlers plotting to evict a group of enterprising senior citizens; guest Jason Evers.
aired 224 days ago
The team helps Face's old high-school buddy (Tom Villard) locate a sunken Spanish galleon filled with treasure.
aired 227 days ago
B.A.'s old girlfriend (Sheila DeWindt) calls on him to find her investor husband, B.A.'s former school rival.
aired 228 days ago
The team pretends to be mercenaries to protect a teenage squatter (Moosie Drier) from an unscrupulous landowner.
aired 229 days ago
A concert deal appears shaky when Face inadvertently books Boy George & Culture Club into a rowdy cowboy nightclub.

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