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A policeman uses forceful ways to solve crimes.

Latest episodes

aired 365 days ago
Hunter attempts to persuade Capt. Devane to cooperate in an investigation of his alleged ties with a loan shark operation.
aired 365 days ago
McCall and Hunter learn an undercover officer may have been murdered by his mobster half brother; guest Jerry Orbach.
aired 365 days ago
The reported death of Hunter's friend, a DEA agent suspected of corruption, sends Rick and Dee Dee on a crusade to clear the man's name.
aired 365 days ago
Rick and Dee Dee use a woman to lure a man suspected of killing his crime-boss father; guest Vincent Baggetta.

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Dr. Mark Sloan is chief of Internal Medicine at Community General Hospital -- and sometime consultant to the local police department. When he's drawn into a case, he combines sleuthing and medicine to solve the crime. That crime is usually one his detective son, Steve, is working on as a member of the local police department. Dr. Sloan's medical colleagues, including doctors Amanda Bentley, Jack Stewart and Jesse Travis, are also frequently drawn into his investigations.
Crime in school is bad, so to combat it, LAPD higher-ups decide to send four young-looking officers to high school to pose as students. Cops Tom Hanson, Doug Penhall, Judy Hoffs and Harry Truman Ioki are the "lucky" ones chosen to experience the part of their lives they hoped they'd left behind forever.
The life of a top cop in suburban Eastbridge.