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Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer travels to the wildest points on the globe, ranging from Africa to Indochina and the Middle East, as well as untamed islands, coming face-to-face with native animals and uncovering the connection between the environment, wildlife and human beings of exotic locales.
With the help of experts and scientists from the Consumer Reports labs and testing facilities, host Jack Rico explores the surprisingly intricate science used to test every kind of product -- from the obscure to the fascinating to the everyday. Aimed at giving teens the tools they need to make smarter choices as consumers, exploring the how, where, when and why people spend their resources, episodes feature more efficient ways to get the most out of everyday items and provide a glimpse into unique career paths in the fields of science and technology.
Reports and analysis of the most important news from the United States, Latin America and the rest of the world.
Conflicts between parties are mediated.
A show with the latest breaking news, including dramatic and unusual videos and segments of social interest.
Anastasia Cardona marca el inicio de una de las épocas más difíciles, que arranca en el sur de la Florida y llega a extenderse por todo el país, donde el negocio y el poder se imponen por encima de los mismos sentimientos.
Programa de juegos en donde los concursantes compiten en desafíos de un minuto con niveles crecientes de dificultad para tener la oportunidad de ganar un premio en efectivo.
La competencia más feroz del planeta. Una prueba de habilidades grupales e individuales que busca a la persona con las mejores habilidades físicas y mentales a través de una serie de carreras de obstáculos, condiciones de vida extremas y un total aislamiento. El juego principal de la semana es por la supervivencia y determina cuál de los dos equipos queda sujeto a la eliminación.
The latest entertainment news, a behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes on in soap operas, and what people don't know about their favorite stars.
Altagracia is a powerful woman who becomes ruthless, nicknamed the "man-eater." Altagracia will not rest until she finds each of the men who murdered her parents and raped her. As a result of this rape, Altagracia has a daughter, Monica, whom she isn't able to raise because she is a constant reminder of the terrible act that marked her life. But destiny will reunite them, when they both fall in love with the same man: Saul Aguirre, an incorruptible defense attorney, who fights against women's violence. He becomes Altagracia's obsession and she competes with Monica for his love, unaware that Monica is her daughter.
Amalia Ortega, esposa, madre y capitana de la Unión Secreta de Inteligencia de la policía, pone todo en riesgo todo al intentar capturar al Guapo, un poderoso y seductor narcotraficante mexicano.
Reports and analysis of national and international news of the Hispanic community in the United States.
Los reportajes y el análisis de las noticias más importantes de Estados Unidos, América Latina y el mundo.
A humble man who wanted to become the richest and most powerful man in the world of drug trafficking in Mexico. To do so, he was capable of anything, and to maintain his power, he was even capable of changing his face.
Antonio y Camila son primos y amantes. Viven un romance apasionado en el que todo vale, pero con una sola condición: no pueden enamorarse uno del otro.
Espacio de noticias que se centra en la actualización de todo lo relacionado al COVID-19 y su impacto en la comunidad latina.
A Latin American singing competition in which artists have to perform in front of four coaches for the chance to win.
Morning show hosted by Rashel Diaz, Adamari López, Daniel Sarcos, Ana Maria Canseco, Diego Schoening, and Alessandra Villegas.
Amateur chefs in the U.S. compete against each other to win $100,000 and the coveted title of MasterChef Latino.
The biographical series begins when Los Cangris, Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee's group, becomes one of the most successful acts of reggaeton in Puerto Rico, though still underground and strongly linked to the streets, drugs and crime. The reggaeton movement went from from being a public enemy to serving as a global impact, moving masses from Puerto Rico to Dubai, through the USA and Latin America. Like the music genre, this is the life of Nicky Jam, who grew up on the streets of Puerto Rico. Recounting Nicky's life is to tell the story of this music genre that was born from a generation that grew up in an oppressive social context and despite this has conquered the world. It's a story about coming from nothing and winning everything, only to lose it and be reborn from the ashes, and the life of an artist with 5 billion views on YouTube, first places in the Billboards and Grammys, but for whom the road has been anything but easy.
Young Mexican dreamer and rebel Ignacio "Nacho" Montero helps Pablo Escobar change the world of drug trafficking forever.