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Rituals and customs accepted in one culture may be thought of as downright bizarre in another. "Taboo" delves into that dichotomy, taking viewers across cultural borders to explore traditional beliefs and deliberate lifestyle choices, ranging from body modification and gender decisions to nudity and spiritual quests that test the limits of the human body.

Latest episodes

aired 42 days ago
Women who mutilate their bodies.
aired 49 days ago
The lives of those haunted by addiction include a young boy hooked on video games, a woman addicted to anonymous sex and a man addicted to shopping.
aired 49 days ago
The hidden world of prostitution.
aired 56 days ago
People who dwell on the fringes of society.
aired 56 days ago
A man who began drinking at the age of 12 is now 27-years-old and cannot stop; he faces withdrawal symptoms and rehab proves to be his most difficult challenge.
aired 63 days ago
An Australian health therapist drinks his own urine; men and women in the Philippines sell their kidneys to wealthy foreigners; a woman in Papua New Guinea breast-feeds a pig.
aired 70 days ago
People who deal with death for occupational, cultural and sometimes questionable reasons.
aired 70 days ago
Every society contains people who live on the fringe, either by force or by choice, and must suffer the consequences.
aired 77 days ago
Measuring people's worth by the ability to overcome the fight-or-flight instinct.
aired 84 days ago
The sexual customs and age of consent varies in countries around the globe.
aired 91 days ago
Young men leap head-first from a 70-foot tower in a potentially deadly ritual; a girl tattoos her face before marriage as part of her transition to womanhood; a 70-year-old man participates in a bloodletting ceremony.
aired 91 days ago
Love and what attracts the opposite sex can differ from one society to another.
aired 98 days ago
The lengths people will go to to change their looks.
aired 337 days ago
Many traditional cultures require boys to pass through initiations of pain and fear in order to become men.
aired 337 days ago
Life collides with fantasy.
aired 337 days ago
Nontraditional weddings; a naked wedding in Jamaica; dog wedding; a young man kidnaps his bride.
aired 448 days ago
Looking at the ways people change their appearance for psychological, aesthetic or other reasons.
aired 469 days ago
In one married couple, each partner has switched gender; one person self-refers as a hybrid -- neither male nor female.
aired 487 days ago
Unconventional relationships including a woman in love with a man three times her height and a marriage made up of three partners.
aired 663 days ago
People who take collecting into bizarre territories.
aired 663 days ago
Unique matches include a fruitarian couple who live off the fruit they find in dumpsters.