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Locked Up Abroad

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Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries.

Latest episodes

aired 166 days ago
A pregnant single mother is apprehended attempting to bring drugs back from Barbados and is sentenced to five years in prison.
aired 168 days ago
An unsuspecting woman, Zoe McGarry, is given a suitcase full of cocaine and is arrested when attempting to board a plane with it.
aired 168 days ago
A partygoer turns to smuggling cocaine; a party girl sees drug smuggling as an opportunity.
aired 175 days ago
To salvage his career, struggling Latino pop star Jimmy Bauer risks all by smuggling heroin.
aired 175 days ago
In South Korea, teacher Jesse Moskel becomes the kingpin of an MDMA smuggling operation.
aired 203 days ago
A man abandons his girlfriend in Panama with 18 pounds of cocaine and tells her she must smuggle drugs if she wants to see her daughter again.
aired 356 days ago
While traveling with who they believe to be friendly Iraqi forces, two journalists hoping to report on an upcoming battle realize their escorts are actually insurgents.
aired 386 days ago
Australian teacher Tim Schrader tries to smuggle heroin from Bangkok to the U.S, but is caught with more than a hundred times the amount required to secure a death sentence.
aired 393 days ago
During his 11 years in an Indonesian prison after being convicted of smuggling hashish, Chris Parnell attempted escape five times.
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An American hippie, Eddie Padilla, turns cocaine smuggler to save his relationship and ends up in a Peruvian hell.
aired 414 days ago
A recap of some of the worst prison stays suffered by travelers who found themselves on the wrong side of the law a long way from home.
aired 421 days ago
A young American backpacker, Mark Wedeven, and his companions are taken hostage by armed guerrilla soldiers while traveling through the jungle in Colombia.
aired 421 days ago
A man, Michael Morey, agrees to smuggle cocaine from Ecuador to Spain to make money to support his family.
aired 917 days ago
After Jake Stanford hitchhikes from Texas to Mexico and starts selling marijuana, a deal goes wrong and he is accused of shooting two policemen.
aired 917 days ago
An Irish plumber, desperate to keep his family afloat, agrees to smuggle cocaine from Venezuela back to Dublin.
aired 917 days ago
Antonio Mendez, the CIA officer portrayed by Ben Affleck in "Argo," along with former hostages give firsthand accounts of the operation to rescue six American diplomats from Iran by having them pose as a movie crew.
aired 917 days ago
An American is arrested for smuggling heroin in Cold War Moscow and winds up incarcerated in a soviet prison camp, but seizes the opportunity to escape when the power goes out.
aired 917 days ago
Scott Campbell continues the smuggling mission his estranged father started and was arrested for, to Tokyo to raise money to pay for his father's lawyer.
aired 918 days ago
The gangster, Henry Hill, who inspired the classic movie "Goodfellas" shares the story of his rise and fall as a wiseguy in the New York mob.
aired 918 days ago
A man, David Scott, who meets his soul mate in the Philippines comes up against the country's adultery laws and finds himself facing up to 14 years in prison.
aired 918 days ago
After first spending time in prison for refusing, Latif Yahia, an Iraqi soldier, is forced to become a body-double for Saddam Hussein's son Uday.

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