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Banged Up Abroad

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Dream adventures turn into hellish nightmares for the travelers featured in this series, which recounts through firsthand interviews and re-enactments terror-filled experiences of being arrested in a foreign country, usually for drug smuggling, and how they coped with the resulting lengthy prison terms. Viewers also hear from people directly involved with the arrests, whether it's the undercover agents gathering the evidence against the suspects, or the people making the drug dealing offers.

Latest episodes

aired 5 days ago
Adventure-seeker Thomas Hamill took a job driving trucks in Iraq, leading to terrifying spell in captivity after being kidnapped by insurgents.
aired 5 days ago
A look at how broke British student Lucy Wright became accused of smuggling cocaine and was forced to flee across South America to escape jail.
aired 8 days ago
Two Texans get busted with marijuana in Mexico.
aired 8 days ago
Vietnam prisoners of war John McCain and Ernest Brace; a CIA operative rescues U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran, under the guise of filming a science fiction film titled "Argo."
aired 8 days ago
Two British men are kidnapped in Colombia while searching for orchids; a woman's life changes forever when she tries to help a friend.
aired 8 days ago
Two bankrupt people agree to smuggle cocaine in South America.
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Australian Tim Schrader gets caught up in a Thai drug syndicate while working in Bangkok; he faces a life sentence after being betrayed; in Maui, Eddie Padilla is jailed in "The House of the Devil," where he must escape or die trying.
aired 8 days ago
Ambushed by the police, smuggler Chris Chance must abandon his wife to spend years in a Spanish prison; TK White and her girlfriend fund their Jamaican vacation by smuggling marijuana, and they land in an overcrowded, pest-infested jail.
VOD available
A UN peacekeeper escapes war-torn Sierra Leone; two journalists are kidnapped in Somalia.
aired 8 days ago
Two camouflage kings, schoolteacher Howard and grocer Samuel, nearly get away with a life of dealing drugs.
aired 8 days ago
A look at the risks traffickers face if they are caught.
aired 8 days ago
Incarcerated in a Soviet prison camp, American Jerry must leave his friends behind to make a daring escape; In Mexico, five imprisoned Americans plan an escape, digging a tunnel through concrete with just a butter knife and rocks.
airs in 9 days
Stories of jail time for a forbidden union and a failed drug run after a breakup.
aired 12 days ago
After his father is jailed in China for smuggling cannabis, Scott Campbell risks all, continuing with his dad's unfinished mission in order to pay for his lawyer.
aired 12 days ago
Steve Peterson attempts to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the US, but encounters Tijuana cops.
aired 12 days ago
After a police raid, drug dealer Pieter Tritton is forced to go on the run.
aired 18 days ago
As investigators closed in, big-time reptile smuggler Tom Crutchfield fled to Belize. However, he soon found himself in a jungle prison renowned for its brutality.
aired 19 days ago
U.S. Naval Officer Lemar Burton tries to survive in one of Colombia's most brutal prisons.
aired 27 days ago
Dumped by her lover,a Chicago woman smuggles heroin from Thailand to fund a new life. When caught and sentenced to life at a notorious Bangkok prison, she attempts suicide but fails.
aired 28 days ago
The shocking story of actor Erik Aude, who was tricked into smuggling opium. Arrested in Pakistan, many believed he wouldn't survive his seven-year sentence.
aired 28 days ago
Orthodox Jew Samuel Leibowitz dreamt of making millions as a drug kingpin in Brazil, leading to a terrifying spell in the deadly Carandiru jail.

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