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Banged Up Abroad

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Dream adventures turn into hellish nightmares for the travelers featured in this series, which recounts through firsthand interviews and re-enactments terror-filled experiences of being arrested in a foreign country, usually for drug smuggling, and how they coped with the resulting lengthy prison terms. Viewers also hear from people directly involved with the arrests, whether it's the undercover agents gathering the evidence against the suspects, or the people making the drug dealing offers.

Latest episodes

aired 5 days ago
After a police raid, drug dealer Pieter Tritton is forced to go on the run.
aired 5 days ago
Rookie photographer Matthew Schrier, on his way out of Aleppo was kidnapped by the Syrian Al Qaeda.
aired 5 days ago
A look at how broke British student Lucy Wright became accused of smuggling cocaine and was forced to flee across South America to escape jail.
aired 5 days ago
Journalist Phil Cox is taken hostage in Sudan.
aired 5 days ago
The remarkable story of Vietnam POWs Ernie Brace and John McCain and the friendship they formed though the cell walls of Hanoi Hilton prison.
aired 5 days ago
For money to party and to support his daughter, a jobless man, Duane Wollum, smuggles cocaine from Nicaragua into the U.S.
aired 5 days ago
Camilla and Jon set up a children's center in Chechnya before suffering through kidnapping, torture and rape.
VOD available
In 2012 Simone Blignaut worked for one of Johannesburg's biggest drug dealers.
aired 21 days ago
Steve Peterson attempts to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the US, but encounters Tijuana cops.
airs in 13 days
Orthodox Jew Samuel Leibowitz dreamt of making millions as a drug kingpin in Brazil, leading to a terrifying spell in the deadly Carandiru jail.
aired 21 days ago
Dumped by her lover,a Chicago woman smuggles heroin from Thailand to fund a new life. When caught and sentenced to life at a notorious Bangkok prison, she attempts suicide but fails.
VOD available
Matthew VanDyke was captured by Qaddafi's men.
airs in 2 days
U.S. Naval Officer Lemar Burton tries to survive in one of Colombia's most brutal prisons.
aired 35 days ago
A man, Jeremy Khinoo, regrets his decision to obtain illegal prescription drugs in Mexico using counterfeit money he made on his computer.
airs in 9 days
Busted for drug smuggling, life in a Mexico jail becomes a living hell for Dwight Yorker, who winds up dressing as a woman in an audacious bid for freedom.
airs in 9 days
Desperate for cash, an American agrees to transport cocaine from Ecuador to Europe for $7,000 and gets busted, ending up in one of Ecuador's most notorious prisons.
airs in 9 days
Down on his luck magician Mark Greening resorts to bringing illegal drugs into Japan. However, what looks like easy money turns into five years of forced labor.
airs in 9 days
Desperate to keep his family afloat, Paul agrees to smuggle six kilos of cocaine from Venezuela back to Dublin. It turns out to be the worst decision of his life.
aired 49 days ago
Stories of jail time for a forbidden union and a failed drug run after a breakup.
airs in 9 days
After months of torturous tunnelling, two surfers caught up in cannabis smuggling, escaped their Mexican jail.
aired 56 days ago
While traveling in India, Rhys Partridge gets kidnapped by a terrorist who had been involved in the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl.

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